Best VPN for Android – 2022 Free Guide | Full List & Comparison

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When it comes to browsing the Internet or just using someone’s Wi-Fi, your safety should be of the utmost priority. With regards to the era that we’re living in, almost everything takes place online, be it our classes, the transactions we make, or the storage of our private information. However, the primary problem with this is that the Internet has made us all massively vulnerable to hackers in general.

Nowadays, if you incidentally visit the wrong site or even use someone’s Wi-Fi at random, you may expose your device to threats. And that’s where VPN comes in and works as a lifesaver for smartphone users. 

With the good VPN app installed on your phone, you can encrypt all your private data. This way, your information is hidden from hackers who could try to steal it. It’s not just about cyberattacks or hackers but also about escaping from the eyes of the government and enjoying your favorite geo-restricted apps, streaming services, and much more. 

Why Should You Install a VPN App and How Does It Work?

Virtual Private Networks are now more commonly used all over the world. They may be deemed useful for a handful of different reasons. VPNs protect your location and work on hiding your IP address so that you can remain anonymous. This is exceptionally helpful since hackers can’t track your location easily if and when you choose to utilize a VPN.

To add more, VPNs may also be helpful in bypassing geological restrictions that may be needed if you plan on logging onto applications such as YouTube, HBO Max, and Netflix. Now, you may be wondering if a VPN is all that crucial on your phone. However, it must be considered that phones are used to store private photos, emails and may also be used to send personalized texts. In this way, protecting these pieces of information may be as useful as ever.

You can easily avoid someone from spying on you using your very own VPN. If you wish to look into what VPNs may work best for you, here are some of the best VPNs within the market for androids:

#1: NordVPN – Best Android VPN for Security

With over 10,000,000 android users, NordVPN is easily called the biggest contender out there in the android VPN market. It’s exceptionally powerful and provides double-data encryption, making this app stand out from the competition. With this feature, android users get the extra layer of security. Their app has a 24/7 live support feature, and it can be used on 6 devices simultaneously. 

NordVPN has been given a 4.3 users rating on Google Play, arguably amongst the highest VPN service providers out there. With a single tap, NordVPN allows its users to access over 5000 different servers in over 60 countries. In addition, the app also comes with an ad-blocker that allows you to save data and roam around the Internet all the more conveniently. Even more, it costs only $3.7 per month.

#2: ExpressVPN – Best Android VPN for HighSpeed Streaming and Privacy

Another notable VPN provider is none other than Express VPN. Talking about ExpressVPN, it is easily the #1 rated VPN on the market in Canada. Clocking over a considerable amount of speed, you can download this same VPN on a variety of android updates ranging from Oreo all the way to Jelly Bean. The best part about ExpressVPN is that it recommends where you’ll get the best connections out of all the locations. 

The only downside is that if offer only five devices connection, and that’s the reason why we put it on #2 in our list. \In addition, it costs roughly 8.32 dollars a month, owing to which it is highly sought-after.

#3: CyberGhost – Best Android VPN for Reroutes your Internet Traffic

With over 7000 different servers all over the globe, the relevance of Cyber Ghost as a VPN is not to be underestimated. This VPN is not just reliable but also allows for the application to be used with a money-back guarantee within a total of 45 days. 

Not only that, but Cyber Ghost also allows you to use other applications at a faster pace, as opposed to other applications. The application costs 3.95 dollars for a year’s subscription, backed by an amazing 45 days money-back guarantee from the company. Or you can opt for a 3 years subscription for 2.14 dollars a month. 

#4: Private Internet Access –  Best Android VPN for Strong Torrenting Performance and Customizations

Known for its high speed and flexibility, Private Internet Access is an amazing VPN provider. It is remarkably fast and has a rating of 4 on the Google Play Store. Moreover, Private Internet Access has over 12,000 servers in Canada.

Even more, it costs only 3 dollars a month, making it one of the most affordable VPNs out there.

#5: Proton VPN – Best Android VPN for Unblocking

Lastly, we have the Proton VPN. Despite the fact that it may be ranked last on our list, this VPN is not to be undermined in any way whatsoever. With 1400 servers on the application, Proton VPN is easily a great VPN to use in Canada. What’s even better is that it also has an ad-blocker, allowing you to avoid random pop-ups.

Bottom Line: Which VPN is the Best of Them All?

Regardless of which VPN you get, it’s important to note that the purpose of utilizing a VPN is to keep you and your family protected from nosy hackers at all times. What truly matters is that you use a VPN whenever you use a different Wi-Fi or visit a random site on the Internet.

All in all, the best VPN would be a tie between both ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Even so, if you reside in Canada, ExpressVPN may work best for you, based on its reviews and effective response from android users. 

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