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ALP PEREZHi there!

My name is Alp PEREZ aka Albert Perez, Montreal, QC Canada based entrepreneur, Web , SEO consultant and the owner of A Plus Digital Media Group Inc.

I started A Plus Digital as a digital marketing ,web design and e commerce company in 2013, after working several years for one of the top SEO and Web Design agencies in Los Angeles California as SEO Consultant. Having worked for high end clients like Warner Bros and  US based leading e-commerce websites in the past helped me anticipate clients’ expectations to make a difference in the digital marketing & web design industry.  Over the last 9 years my team and I have done extensive digital marketing, SEO, web design and development work for Canadian and international clients like Yes Wellness, Halo Health Care, Rayacom, Equustek, Fragrance 365, Online Gifts Canada as well as US based e commerce retailers; managed  and run digital marketing and lead generation campaigns that generated millions of $ through our industry proven marketing techniques. In November 2019 we registered A Plus Digital Media Group Inc. so all the services we currently offer and the websites we run can be gathered under one single umbrella. After COVID 19, We decided to become a fully remote company with over 20+ fully remote employees.

If you would like to hire us for SEO Services  please note that:

1- We do not provide SEO service for startups, freshly created domains and etc unless you are okay with signing a minimum 1 year contract.

2-  We  prefer working on websites older than 1 year old with some existing online web presence. ( We require at least 3 months contract to start).

3- Our Digital Marketing, Web design and development services on Shopify, BigCommerce,Wordpress etc.. cover long list of solutions which can be customized depending on your needs

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Services We Provide

The Best Canada SEO, Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing & SEO services in Canada have become a critical part of the digital world especially in a city like Montreal, QC . As every industry has its competition, SEO helps your website take

the top spot in the search engine results pages. If done the right way, Search Engine Optimization campaigns can bring you the best results.  From properly thorough website audits to implementing On Page  and Off Page SEO fixes our experts can help you get ahead of your competitors in your industry.

 Canada Web Design, Development & SEO Services Agency For E Commerce Stores

Our E Commerce Marketing Services for Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and Woocommerce stores are but not limited to:

  • Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis
  • Market Research.
  • Technical Website Review aka Website SEO Audit.
  • E Commerce Content Development Strategy
  • Implementation of Dynamic Meta Data
  • E Commerce Blog Articles to increase website traffic and conversions
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Analysis
  • Press Release And Article Distribution
  • Monthly Detailed SEO Reports
  • Email Marketing campaign setup and management
  • Google Shopping campaign setup and management
  • Google Adwords Campaign setup and management
  • Social Media Ads Management ( Facebook ads, Instagram Ads)
  • Influencer Marketing

Proven SEO strategies

Working with an SEO  who stays up to date with recent algorithm changes is crucial. Here at A Plus Digital experts implement the right SEO practices  that are essential for optimizing your search engine visibility, improving your odds for reaching potential customer base. We provide local SEO, E-commerce SEO for Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, Magento stores, national and  global SEO services for local businesses and e commerce retailers by using a different approach for each client. For instance, local SEO strategy can not be the same as e Commerce SEO strategy. Factors like Nap consistency, local citations and etc are not  major factors for national / global e commerce websites.  In contrast they are important algorithm signals for local businesses…Read More

Professional Web Design Services

Do you know that the Back end development is as important as front end design? How well is your website coded? Can google crawler easily scan through your website?

The theme and platform used on a website is the foundation of your SEO campaign. Websites coding structure is something that can not be overlooked  if your end goal is to be on the top of search engine result pages. Here at A Plus Digital, as a Canada Montreal web design agency Our web designers build visually appealing websites by using up to date coding languages and platforms so changes can be easily made…Read More



Our experience with A Plus Digital is outstanding. Their SEO work has had a huge impact on our site organic traffic & rankings.We're a startup from Montreal and online exposure was crucial for our growth. We now hold top rankings in Google for some of the top industry related keywords thanks to their efforts.. Albert and his team are true SEO experts

Professional and Reliable

They have done SEO work for our e-commerce site on Shopify and we are very satisfied with the work and the results they delivered so far . We had a brand new domain and they were able to rank us on top industry related keywords in Canada within 8 months. Albert and his team are professional and reliable. Thank you.
Upfront and transparent

I came across A Plus Digital on BigCommerce website's partners page and i am glad i did. Albert has been taking care of our bigcommerce website & SEO for few years now , He is upfront and transparent, told us that is going to take some time to be on the first page and it did. After 6 months of SEO work we started seeing significant increase on our search engine rankings and monthly revenue. I would recommend A+ Digital to anyone looking for web / SEO services .

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