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A VPN has become a basic need for every online user nowadays, whether for working remotely for overseas companies or just to ensure your privacy online. Especially in Canada, where the laws concerning cyber security are growing more extensively compared to other Western countries, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be an essential piece of software to be installed on your computers and smartphones. Another reason is the continuous surveillance that the Canadian government conducts on its citizens, of course, for security reasons. With such a wide range of free services available to its citizens, there are times when a Canadian cybernaut might find himself being watched by government officials.

In this situation, a good VPN service can offer a great convenience by allowing people to browse securely and remain anonymous online at the same time. 

With the growing demand for VPN services, the market is flooded with VPN services providers, and not all of them are good. Keeping that in mind, we’ve prepared a list of Canada’s top five VPN companies and provided an overview, including the pros and cons of each. 

#1:- ExpressVPN – Excellent VPN Overall for Canada 

ExpressVPN, the most popular VPN service provider in Canada, ticks all the boxes for being the best service. It has servers in the three major cities in Canada, including Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. You get amazing speed, high security, and excellent content unblocking features. Whether you want to avoid online identification or enjoy overseas Netflix series, ExpressVPN gets it done perfectly. The company offers great value with a three-month free and 30-day money-back guarantee if you opt for an annual plan. 


  • Blazing speeds 
  • 30,000 Ip addresses 
  • More than 3000 servers and 160 server locations 
  • More than 94 countries
  • User-friendly mobile apps 
  • Unblocks services and websites
  • Outstanding support
  • Best privacy 
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Expensive than other VPN companies 
  • Support maximum of 5 connections 

Pricing Plans: 

For 1 month – US$12.95 per month

For 6 months – US$9.99 per month

For 12 months – US$6.67 per month

#2: Surfshark – Full Pack of Features and Cost-effective VPN

Want a powerful VPN service and unlimited device support without breaking the bank? Surfshark is the perfect pick. You can run your whole office or home on this VPN. It offers some additional features like ad-blocking, tracker blocking, and antimalware, along with excellent customer support and a simple user interface. Another interesting thing is that out of 32000 servers, 90 are situated in Canada. 


  • Fast speed
  • Unlimited Devices Support
  • 3200 servers and 110 locations 
  • Good value of money
  • Very easy to use
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Best pricing 


  • Lack the details of privacy
  • Doesn’t unlock other Netflix regions besides the US
  • Too basic for expert users 

Pricing Plans: 

For 1 Month – US$12.95 per month

For 6 Months – US$6.49 per month

For 2 years – US$2.49 per month

#3: NordVPN – Powerful and Reliable Security Giant

NordVPN doesn’t need any introduction. It’s a web security specialist and very popular in this VPN market. Double security encryption is the most noticeable feature of NordVPN, in which the user data is sent through two different VPN servers. The company offers affordable pricing plans; however, there’s a downside. You can only access limited overseas streaming services.

Pricing Plans: 


  • 5000 IP Addresses
  • More than 5200 servers and 62 locations 
  • High streaming power and speed 
  • Excellent choice for privacy 
  • Double data encryption
  • Panama Jurisdiction 
  • Excellent Customer Support


  • Not too user-friendly apps 
  • Limited to 6 simultaneous devices connections 

Pricing Plans: 

For 1 Month – US$11.95 per month

For 1 Year – US$4.92 per month

For 2 Year – US$3.71 per month

#4: ProtonVPN – High-Security Standards and Fully Loaded with Features

If accessing overseas streaming services like Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube is your main concern, ProtonVPN is the right pick. You can unlock not just UK and US Netflix from Canada, but if you’re out of Canada, you can access Canadian Netflix as well with this VPN. In addition to that, you get amazing speed and high privacy. The only downside is they don’t have full-time customer support, and some of the premium features are limited to plus plain only. 


  • High speed
  • Top class privacy 
  • More than 1400 servers and 61 locations 
  • Powerful and Optimized Apps 
  • Top streaming services 
  • Additional features
  • Unblock US, UK, and Canada Netflix 


  • Bit overpriced 
  • No 24/7 Customer Support 
  • Limited to 5 devices support 
  • Few Premium features are limited to the Plus plan

Pricing Plans: 

For 1 year (ProtonVPN Basic) – US$4 per month

For 2 years (ProtonVPN Plus) – US$6.63 per month

For 2 years (ProtonVPN Basic) – US$3.29 per month

#5: IPVanish: Simple and Affordable Online Privacy

With 30 servers located in Canada, IPVanish might be far from the competition, but that doesn’t mean this company is not good. It offers a great speed of 800-900Mbps, and Canadian users can access US Netflix and some other popular streaming services. IPVanish has continuously improved over the past few years and offers a configurable interface. That’s why they are in Canada’s top five VPN list. 


  • Fast Speed
  • More than 1900 servers and 75 locations
  • 40,000 IP addresses 
  • Unlimited devices coverage 
  • Excellent desktop experience 
  • Cheap pricing 


  • Weird app 
  • Not very effective for unblocking 

Pricing Plans: 

For 1 Month – US$10.99 per month

For 1 Year – US$2.62 per month

For 2 Years – US$2.92 per month

The Final Verdict:

Attention! The importance of securing our digital life has never been this critical. We’re living in a connected world. Privacy and security are crucial for our well-being. We recommend you take your time to do some research and pick the best VPN service tailored specifically for Canadian users and your specific business or personal needs.

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