Best Premium Stock Image Sites That You Can Use in 2021

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Stock images are one of the essential tools for anyone working online. Be it a freelance blogger, e-commerce entrepreneur, website developer, everyone can use these resources to benefit their projects. Compared to free stock images, Premium stock images are more exclusive, high quality, and customizable. However, all these extra features have a price to pay. The premium stock image sites charge money for the pictures. But that cost is relatively less than the cost you would spend on hiring a photographer and editor for a high-quality image. Also, it saves time! That said, here’s the overview of the best premium stock sites that you can use in 2021.

  1. Getty Images

Getty Images is one of the most popular premium stock image sites with a massive collection of stock images to fulfill every requirement. Getty Images is only the stock image marketplace but also the owner of various subsidiaries. Many of the popular news sites use the Getty Images premium resources for their content. The pricing starts at around 75$.

  1. Creative Market

Creative Market is a very advanced premium stock image marketplace that consists of more than 29000 creators. You can find images, vectors, videos, themes, illustrations, templates, and so much more on this site. However, the format of all files is not the same. Many of the images and designs are not available in PNG and JPG formats which you can check before buying. These images and designs only work on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The pricing starts from $2.

  1. Shutterstock

Every one of us has come across Shutterstock while searching for images online. Its widespread popularity in the premium stock image market is due to the huge collection of high-quality stock images, illustrations, and graphics. That’s not it, every single day thousands of new images are uploaded on Shutterstock. The variety makes it easy to find any type of image one is looking for. The best thing about Shutterstock is its built-in editing tools features. After purchasing any picture, you can resize, edit it on Shutterstock, which saves time and money. The pricing of Shutterstock images could be expensive for individual purchases but more affordable if you buy in bundles.

  1. iStockPhoto

iStockPhoto is very old in the premium stock image market. They were originally founded in 1999 and later bought by Getty Images. There is a huge wealth of high-quality images available at iStockPhoto. Not only images, but you can also purchase graphics, videos, and audios from this site which makes it one of the best premium stock image sites. Also, you get an amazing reverse search feature on this site that lets you know the image you’re thinking to pick for your store has been used earlier at any other store or not. However, everything comes with a cost, and this site charges high rates as compared to others on our list today. But the rates are truly justified for the high quality you’ll be getting and the impression it would provide on your site.

  1. EyeEm

EyeEm is not just another premium stock image website but a community of very talented and like-minded people from all around the world buying and selling editorial-style photos. At EyeEm many users upload different types of high-quality images which you can easily purchase. Not only that, the unique feature of EyeEm is that you can get full ownership of the image for the images you bought for your project or eCommerce store, unlike the other website where after the premium stock image can be used by everyone. The pricing of a single image starts from $35, and you can find several discount packages as well.

6.Death to the Stock Photo

A site started as a free image service where users could just sign in to access 20 images for free in exchange for subscribing to the newsletter. Later with improved services, Death to the Stock Photo transformed into a Premium Stock Image Site. Now you can buy different plans to access premium stock images. The lowest-priced plan starts from just $12/month, which gets you access to more than 3500 images and videos. The site keeps updating its resources every month.

7. Fotolia

Fotolia consists of a massive collection of premium stock images. It probably the most loaded website on our list. There are more than 270 millions non-copyrighted high-quality image, illustrations and video footages you can buy for you project in very affordable rates. It’s also a marketplace for talented photographers and designers to sell their talents. The pricing

8. Freepix

A marketplace of millions of beautiful images, vectors, icons. Freepik offers both premium and free plans. However, if you’re using free images to give credits to Freepik, but if you purchase a premium plan, you don’t need to provide any attribution. Also, you get access of other more than 3.3 million premium resources. The pricing starts from 7.5€ per month. Like some other site for using some high-quality vector images, you must have access to Adobe Illustrator or other vector editing software.

9. Pexels

Pexels is a unique hub of premium stock images. What makes this site stand out from the other sites on our list is the simple user interface and its very useful parameters, which take you right to the image you’re looking for.

10. Pixabay

Pixabay consists of more than 2.2 million very creative, high-quality images, videos, illustrations, and music. The search bar provides the options to choose the media type, color, etc., to narrow down the options and provides you the best images for your use.

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