Best BigCommerce Free & Paid automation Apps & Tools In 2021

BigCommerce is a popular SaaS commerce platform that many e-commerce store owners use to build their stores. However, e-commerce is not just about setting an online site. To make it successful and profitable, you need to use several tools and apps. There are thousands of tools available out there. You can spend hours exploring the different apps that can fulfill your business needs. For example, Marketing of your e-commerce store, inventory management, tax management, and shipping. 

To save your scrolling time, we’ve gathered the best BigCommerce apps and tools of 2021. In this list, you’ll find both paid and free tools that are most essential for BigCommerce stores. That said, let’s have a look. 

BigCommerce Apps for Email Automation

Emails have become a vital source of communication between businesses and customers. Whether you’re selling something on any platform, email marketing can work as a solid marketing tool for you.  However, for a huge e-commerce store which handles hundreds and thousands of orders daily, sending emails manually about order confirmation and new products to your customer is nearly impossible. For that now, you can use automated email sending tools that can be easily integrated with your e-commerce stores. 

1.  Constant Contact:-

Customers are the most important asset of any e-commerce store. In order to connect with your potential customer and retain them, you need to share the latest information about the new products, sales, and updates of your company. With the help of automated emails, you can establish constant communication with your customers. Also, there are pre-made templates available in the app which you can customize according to your preference. 


  • Automated emails
  • 100+ Pre-made email Templates 
  • Real-time reporting and analysis about the workability of your email marketing campaign
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • A/B Testing  


  • Basic Email Package: $20 per month 
  • Email Plus Package: $45 per month

2. MailChimp:

Email marketing is a powerful way to communicate with your new customers and retain the old ones. Every day around  44% of people in the USA and Canada check their emails twice or thrice a day. All these huge numbers of people are your potential customers. With the MailChimp BigCommerce app, you can bring more customers to your website by sending them automated emails about your promotion, offers, and the items they left unattended in their carts. 


  • Automated Emails 
  • Tracking of subscribers engagement (For example, how many subscribers open the mail or visit your store through them)
  • Customer Relationship Management Tools



BigCommerce Apps for Customer Support Service 

Customers are the vital elements of any business, especially in the e-commerce market. Because the e-commerce business market is very saturated and customers have already got tons of options to shop from. The competition is increasing day by day, and the only way to retain the existing customer and attract new ones is by excelling the customer support. 

3. LiveChat:

How many times have you contacted the support team of the e-commerce site and get late responses which made you leave the items in carts forever? It happens due to late or no responses, which can be controlled by LiveChat. It is one of the best live chat options to engage with visitors and boost the chances of finishing their purchase. 


  • Let you see what customers are writing even if they still haven’t clicked “Send.” 
  • Transfer chat without any hassle
  • Block troublesome visitors using the banning feature
  • Track the delivery status 


  • $16 per month fee. A free trial is available as well. 

4. Quick Facebook Chat:-

Every day around 1.85 Billion persons use Facebook to socialize, look for different products and services, or learn about new businesses. Many of these users ask questions on social media and get answers. But those who visit the website and ask anything have to wait for a long time before receiving the answer via mail. In this way, being a business owner, you’ve to handle Facebook and your website to respond to them. However, with Quick Facebook Chat, you can integrate your social media with BigCommerce. Whenever your customers ask anything on your site, you can handle them from Facebook Messenger via a live chat widget. 


  • Real-time chat support 
  • Live chat widget
  • Easy integration with BigCommerce Store



BigCommerce App for Accounting and Invoices 

Bookkeeping is crucial for e-commerce businesses because it helps you track your sales and profits. Without proper accounting, you cannot measure the progress of your business but it takes a lot of time to write every expense down the book. But now there are tools to do all the account work. You can automate the bookkeeping process by using these tools. 

5. QuickBooks Online:-

Bookkeeping is complicated yet one of the crucial tasks of e-commerce sites that take a lot of time and cost if you do it by yourself or hire someone for it. Instead, you can automate the process by many useful hours by using QuickBooks online. This app can easily be integrated with your Bigcommerce store and handle all your accounting work which would be quite useful during Tax seasons. 


  • Create invoices from sales
  • Track sales from the customers
  • Automatic payroll function that calculates and run payroll automatically
  • Automatic trading and delivery updates
  • Tax and accounting management
  • Online payments
  • Scan expense receipts from a picture 


  • Simple Start Plan: $15 per month
  • Simple Start Plus Plan: $31 per month 

BigCommerce Tools for Analytics

To make your e-commerce store successful and gain a better ranking, you need to have accurate customer insights. Using the insights, you can increase the website traffic, observe the changes in customer behavior and improve your sales. 

6. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics lets you see your site’s pages where the visitors are spending more time, their interest, and other useful insights. You can integrate this app with your BigCommerce store to get all the useful insights for improving your customer experience and becoming a better seller. Also, it will help you in designing the ad campaign, which will be cost-effective and provide you maximum results. 


  • Custom Reporting 
  • Advert Assistance for ROI
  • Tracking for BigCommerce store
  • Google Integration
  • Cross channel Tracking 



7. Lucky Orange 

Lucky Orange is a site tracking app that tracks and records the customer or user activities on your site and connects everything to provide you with useful insights. With these insights, you can make adjustments to your site, which will optimize your BigCommerce store. This can improve your overall sales and customer experience. 


  • Pinpoint each user activities
  •  Store Optimization 
  • Live Chat feature to stop the shoppers from leaving
  • Product Tracking 


$10 per month 

BigCommerce Tools for Store Management 

BigCommerce offers easy solutions to the store owner using store management apps. You can easily integrate these apps with BigCommerce and manage your inventory, ger website backup, manage the content of your site. 

8. Rewind Backups:

When you’re listing different products at your store, you might delete some valuable content while managing these products. For example, one of the most common incidents is deleting the product description or messing up the shipping setting while making changes to your site. This might take a huge time to fix. But with the Rewind Backups BigCommerce tool, you can create a backup of your site and restore all data whenever you need it.


  • Automatic Website Backups
  • Straight forward restoring process
  • Content management


  • Free Plan with limited features 
  • Paid Plan with advanced features for $9 per month 

9. Bright Pearl 

Bight Perl tool makes all the e-commerce business operations very easy. From managing the inventory to sales and fulfillment, you can do it all using this app. Also, if you’ve multiple stores with BigCommerce, you can use Bright Perl’s special feature called “Multi-channel management,” in which you can connect all your stores, and you can manage them from a single place. 


  • Inventory Management 
  • Multi-channel management 
  • Very User-friendly interface 


Custom pricing plan as per the services 

BigCommerce Apps for Shipping for Canada, US, and Australia 

A good shipping system plays a critical role in growing the e-commerce business because it has a digital impact on the customers and being a store owner you wouldn’t want to mess up with your customers by delayed deliveries. Now you can use different shipping tools to ease your e-commerce shipping worries.

10. ShipStation:-

ShipStation is a website-based shipping system. It can be integrated with your online store to handle your shipments efficiently. With e-commerce giants like BigCommerce, you can get up to 50 free shipments/month and several other discounts. Also, you’ll get free access to Canada Post, Australia Post, and other popular couriers if you’re an international user. 


  • Shipping Tracking 
  • Customized branding options (Packings & labels)
  • Discounts on popular couriers like DHL, FedEx, and many other
  • Multi-channel Shipping
  • Email confirmations


$9/ per month and 30 days free trial.