Best Adobe Muse Portfolio Templates – Free Download

Have you ever considered creating your business portfolio online ?  If not, you are missing out on the opportunity to promote your business to millions of potential customers every day. Ever since the pandemic, e-commerce has been thriving, and there is no sign of slowing down anytime soon. 

Once you have considered it through, we have some recommendations in mind that will help you with your process of making your portfolio. Now, before we get further into the main discussion of the post, all of the recommendations below are targeted toward Adobe Muse.

First, let’s talk about the Corporate Adobe Muse Template.

When we talk about a business portfolio, we usually think of corporations. We all know investors and stakeholders are always looking at your business portfolio, whether it is for an investment, or maybe some other company is looking to do business with you. Therefore, professionalism is the most important aspect of your portfolio. Luckily, Corporate Adobe Muse Template has the professional aspect that you do not want to miss.

Moreover, when we talk about the template itself, it is a template worth having as well. Corporate Adobe Muse Template has an editable source site, filterable portfolio gallery with lightbox effect, parallax effects for the backgrounds and working contact forms.

Those are the essential aspects of the template that you would love to have. Not only that, type kit web fonts are available for you to work with, as well as many professional templates that are waiting for you to explore. Lastly, there are help documents provided to help you with any aspect of the template, including creating the portfolio for your company. However, there is a small drawback of this template. Corporate Adobe Muse Template can only be accessed on desktop. So, if you feel like the drawback of working only on a desktop is not a problem then we highly recommend you to try out the template.

Next on the list, we have the Law Firm Adobe Muse Template.

Law Firm’s template is responsive, meaning that you can customize the template easily on desktop, phone and tablet. It allows the content on your page to adjust accordingly to the size of the screen. The reason why we present you this template, is because it is professional, yet at the same time provides a modern look to your portfolio. We all know law firms and credibility are always hand in hand, so the template designed specifically for law firms has to be professional.

The template was built to run on Adobe Muse CC, available on desktop, mobile and tablet, so you can work anywhere you want. It is easy to edit, and you do not need to write any code in order for it to function. Not only that, Law Firm Adobe Muse Template allows you to edit in browser, meaning you do not need to switch to the back-end of the site every time you need to adjust something, which is a great feature, since not many templates offer that.

Another great feature from the template is that it has documents to help you with setting up the perfect portfolio. One important detail to consider is that Law Firm Muse Template can only run on Adobe Muse CC 2015.1.2.44 or higher version. If your Adobe Muse is able to run the template, you should try it out.

Last template that we want to introduce is called Siven.

Unlike the previous two, Siven is focused on the creative aspect of the template. There are 27 pre-built layouts for you to choose from, each has its own unique theme. Moreover, the layouts are divided into different sections, such as: menu, home page, inner page and most importantly, portfolio pages. All of the layouts are customizable with a few clicks, no coding needed.

The template is responsive and user friendly, with the manual document, which will help you with everything you need. Plus, the creative animation can make your portfolio more unique. Siven is designed to run on Adobe Muse CC 2018, with exclusive JSS, CS files, guaranteed to bring you the best experience. So, if you are looking to create something unorthodox but appealing, Siven is just the template that you need.

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