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Never before, have we seen such great demand for web design and creating web pages as we are today. Website has played a vital role in every business, and it is such a mis opportunity for you if you haven’t found some of the best muse parallax responsive templates available in the market.

Adobe Muse parallax responsive templates

Never before, have we seen such great demand for web design and creating web pages as we are today. Website has played a vital role in every business, and it is such a mis opportunity for you if you haven’t found some of the best muse parallax responsive templates available in the market. 

If you are unfamiliar with Muse parallax responsive templates, it basically means that the content on that page / template will change accordingly to the size of your screen. Meaning it will make sure that the user will not have any difficulty reading the content whether it is on mobile, tablet, desktop or Mac. 

First off, let’s start with “Tersus muse template”:

Featuring 14 responsive templates that would blow your mind. The templates are decoded by Muse CC, dedicated to help you create an elegant looking business portfolio and set you up for success. Not to mention that these templates are designed with features such as parallax scrolling, full-screen video and dynamic slideshow.

Moreover, most of these templates have hundreds of fonts (from Typekit) for you to choose from. Plus, you will never have to worry about your animations anymore because Wow.js and Animate.css will take care of the job for you. Not only that, Tersus is designed to run on Adobe Muse and uniquely on Adobe Muse. It can’t run on any other platforms, namely WordPress or Joomla.

Although it is versatile and unique, you have to make sure that you have Adobe Muse, in order for Terus to work. So, if you are comfortable with Adobe Muse and you are looking to try out something new for your portfolio, be sure to give Tersus a try. With over 4700 templates sold, over 150 reviews and a score of 5/5 on We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. 

Next stop, we have FlatMuse.

FlatMuse, designed by Adobe Muse, is a one-page website design. It doesn’t require too much knowledge of web design to be able to use FlatMuse. In fact, users can use this template without having to write a single line of coding, which is very ideal for beginners.

However, easy to use doesn’t mean missing out on important features. FlatMuse has parallax scrolling, light box, different fonts and colors for you to work with. It is available on desktop, mobile and tablet, compatible with Adobe Muse 7.0 and above.

Although it is a one-page website design, there are some samples done by other designers that you could also have a look at. All of the reviews toward FlatMuse are positive feedback, and the template itself receives a 5/5 score on  So, if you are looking for an easy design template but don’t want to miss out on the important details, then give FlatMuse a shot. 

Another template we want to mention is called FINO.

FINO is another multi purpose template. Like any other templates presented here in this blog, FINO is a fully responsive Muse Template, which can help you with creating your business portfolio, landing page and much more.

FINO is also easy to use and user friendly, so if you are not too comfortable with web design, there is no need to be worried. FINO can run on desktop, tablet and mobile, which allow convenience in editing your site, as well as proof reading your site before launching (mobile and tablet are as crucial as desktop). When it comes to editing, FINO has all the tools you need.

From a variety of fonts and design (for different purposes) to customizable color and layouts (to match your site personality and purpose). With a drag and drop feature, you can control every single detail on your site with ease and customize it however you want it to be. Plus, there are some special features that you might be interested in, like contact forms, portfolio widgets ready to be used.

Last but not least, FINO is compatible to run on Adobe Muse, also, CSS, HTML and JS files are included within FINO. 

The last template we want to include in this list is called Original.

Original is a one-page multi purpose Muse template. The template itself is easy to use, and there is no coding needed from you, to use the template. It has all the crucial features, such as parallax scrolling, contact form, layer controls and work widgets.

All of the features provided above is to guarantee you the best experience when using the template. One thing worth mentioning is that Original is compatible to run on Adobe Muse, available on desktop, mobile and tablet, as well as having Muse files, HTML files and CSS files included within the template. Similar to the templates provided above, Original is capable of creating a business portfolio, landing page and lots more.

Although it might sound repetitive to all the previous templates, trust us, there is a unique taste to Original that you can only find out when using it. 

Hope that the blog help you to choose the template that suits your interest 

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