How to make a music website with WordPress for FREE

Are you a musician that wants to create your own website ? Are you looking to bring your music expertise into the world of the Internet but don’t know how ? Well, we have just the solution for you. When talking about creating a website, WordPress is the number one platform we would talk about. However, not many people know that WordPress can be useful for music websites as well (most people think of WordPress for blogs and landing pages in general). If you are not aware, WordPress is completely free to use.

Get a Domain name and Hosting Space

In order to have your site up and running, you would need to pay for your domain name and web hosting. (domain name is the link, example “”). Here are some ways you can create your music site on WordPress. 

The first thing you need to do is to get your site up and running. Now, just be mindful that your site domain is what people will see before they visit your website. So, you need to think carefully before creating your domain. For your domain, you can visit wordpress to choose the plan that suits your interest. Once you finish with your registration, you should be able to have access to the back-end of your site (back-end is where you will edit your website, and only you can see it).

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WordPress free plugins for musicians

Once you get in your Dashboard, go to the “Plugins” section, delete the existing plugins, since it is not significant to what we will be doing later on.

Choose a free WordPress plugin

Now, We need to choose the plugin for your website. Now, why do we need to use plugins ? Plugins allow you to edit the site more easily, each plugin consists of lots of templates for different purposes. Unless you are familiar with WordPress, it is not a very platform to navigate. Therefore, we will be working with Elementor, since it has a wide variety of templates with different themes and functions that come with it, making our job as editors much more easier. 

With no coding required, you can create your music website starting from scratch. While designing your website, be sure to take into consideration some key aspects, such as customer experience, the typo and syntax. The reason is Google will rank your site, whether you like it or not, and in order for the search engine to recognize your page, you have to prioritize the customer experience. 

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Different functions that you could use on Elementor (Source: Internet)

There are no rules on how a website can be created. If you have a specific plan in mind of how your site will look, then go for it. If not, there is one recommendation that we will give you is that you should look at how some existing music websites are set, and you could implement some of the ideas from that website to yours.

Now, in addition to Elementor, WooCommerce is another plugin you will need in the process of setting up your website. WooCommerce is very useful if you are looking to sell your albums or provide services to your customers. If you had experience selling your music through third party platforms such as iTunes, it doesn’t feel good, relying on those platforms. So, this is the chance for you to take the initiatives and take charge. 

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One notice for WooCommerce is that you need to have a Stripe account, to receive credit card payment. If you haven’t had your Stripe account yet, you can visit Stripe and set it up today.  Keep in mind it is not mandatory to have a WooCommerce plugin if you are not planning to sell any product or service, WooCommerce is not needed. 

WordPress themes for musicians

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