Social media can be beneficial for almost every business. While most of the companies in your industry know how they can benefit from social media marketing and social advertising services, most of them do not know what social platform to focus on ( Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Etc..) or how much they should spend on a social campaign to get the most out of their social media campaign.

Our social media management services step in right on that point.  We take care of your social media campaigns, help you getting more clients & revenue via our proven social media marketing techniques while you focus on other aspects of your business!

Our Process


  • Doing an in depth market analysis of your niche and service areas
  • Searching and listing competitors currently better performing in different metrics ( ex: engagement rate and audience size)
  • Analyzing  content to make sure you have the best content that performs well in your industry

Campaign Creation

  • Finding content that your target audience would interact and engage more
  • Posting on social media on a predetermined schedule daily-weekly-monthly
  • Monitoring user engagement rate and interactions to optimize social media marketing campaign.

Paid Campaigns

  • Targeting custom audiences to reach the right people
  • Content and visual creation social ads.
  • Reporting and optimization of ads. accordingly.

Performance Tracking

  • Audience Tracking and optimization
  • Engagement rate tracking and optimization
  • CRO tracking and optimization
  • ROI tracking and optimization

Reputation Management

  • Social media review management
  • Monitoring social engagement and user interaction rates
  • Monitoring the progress and also Brand mentions across multiple social platforms.


Did you know that social media campaigns are much less expensive than Google Adwords campaigns .  Yes you heard it right, social media campaigns  are low cost and since most of the social  platforms are capturing our day to day actions and behaviors it is very easy to specifically target an audience via social ads. Here at A Plus Digital, our social media experts will create a strategy to get the highest ROI with the lowest CPC ( Cost Per click ) rates.  We create and run ads on various platforms including:


Facebook advertising is the best way to make your brand more visible and increase your brand authority by reaching the right set of audience. Facebook makes audience specific targeting very simple for advertisers based on user interests, day to day behaviors, geographic location and etc..  The other beauty is we can always limit the amount we want to pay per click or per impression.

Facebook is the leader in social media market and millions of users are spending their time on this giant platform.  Running Facebook ads is one of the best way  to give your brand or service more visibility


Since Facebook owns Instagram, Instagram marketing   done through facebook advertising panel . Like facebook we are able to target users based on their day to day interactions , geo location and interests.



Did you know that youtube is the second largest search engine existing ? When running youtube ads you can also target an audience specific to your niche.  Thousands of local service providers , lawyers and many others getting new leads everyday by running ads on our new age online television platform.


We can also help you test ads on other platforms . We often notice that Cost per click prices in social advertising campaigns are way cheaper than google adwords

How a Good Social Media Presence Can Improve Your SEO

Facebook likes and shares do not directly  influence rankings however your SEO campaign gets direct benefit from your social media campaign. The more your brand is visible on social media, the more people will know about your brand and search for your brand on google. And what google gives importance to? Brand authority. The biggest and most important signal for google is the popularity of a brand and the only way for the algorithm to see your popularity is google search queries. When more people search for your brand keyword on google, this will make google’s smart algorithm think that your have a relevant website relevant to users search queries.

Why Choose A Plus Digital  over Other Social Media Agencies

We are not only a Web Design, SEO or Social media marketing company. We are a full service digital agency considering ourselves as your business partner. We are ONLY as successful as our clients and and that is exactly what drives us to get you the results.

Get noticed with our social media management services now!

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