Does “X” on Snapchat Mean Blocked? The Meaning of the X Symbol

X on Snapchat Meaning

Snapchat is one of the most popular In the world of social media, it is ideal when connecting with friends. However, Snapchat’s interface and features can sometimes leave you puzzled, especially when it comes to understanding the meaning of certain symbols. One commonly asked question by snapchat users is whether the x symbol indicate that you have been blocked by your friend.

The answer for this question is a big “NO” . The “X” symbol on Snapchat does not indicate that you have been blocked by a user. The “X” symbol is the indication of the end of a streak between you and the other user in question. Streaks on Snapchat represent consecutive days of interaction between users such as exchanging snaps . When a streak ends, both users will notice an “X” symbol next to the name of the user, indicating that the streak has been broken.

So we clearly clarified that the X symbol on Snapchat does not mean your friend has blocked you. But what are the other indicators of being blocked? How can you know if someone blocks you on Snapchat then?

Here are a few indicators that may suggest you have been blocked:

  1. Messages not delivered: When you send a message to a user who has blocked you, it will not be delivered, and you won’t see a “Delivered” status.
  2. Profile and story invisibility: If you can no longer view the person’s Snapchat profile or their stories, it could be a sign that you have been blocked.
  3. Inability to add as a friend: If you are unable to find the person’s profile or add them as a friend, it may indicate that they have blocked you.

To conclude with, “X” symbol on Snapchat does not mean you have been blocked however if you want to find out you need to take in consideration other indicators mentioned above. Remember, Snapchat’s features always changing over time, so it’s always a good idea to stay up to date about any updates and changes to fully benefit from the platform.

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