Best Free Parental Control Apps For Android

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If you’re here, that means you already know the importance of keeping an eye on your kids. There is no doubt that today’s children have more exposure to digital technology than any of us ever had. As good as it sounds, getting access to technology at a very young age puts them in a vulnerable position.

Being a good parent, it’s your first duty to look after your children, and thankfully there are now digital solutions for this digital problem by the name of “Parental Control Apps”. By the help of these apps, you can control and monitor your children’s digital devices and access or restrict certain harmful things. Here are the top 5 free parental control android apps. at a very young age

1- FamiSafe

FamiSafe is topping our list as it’s one of the best free parental control android apps in 2021. It consists of all parental control features any parent could wish for. You can track the location of your child, history of the places they visited, schedule screen timings for their smartphones. That’s not it. FamiSafe also sends alerts to the parents for any text with risk elements and porn content.

Driving report feature for young adults children of age 16-18
Screen time scheduling
Real-time tracking through GPS
Alert Texts
Filtration of explicit search results
Inappropriate website blockage
Monitors Browser and App History

2- mSpy

mSpy is one of the fastest parental control apps with a very user-friendly interface. What makes it special is its amazing customer service. The company calls it an ultimate parental control app because it makes parental control so much easier. Parents can track their children’s activities on every device, not just on smartphones.

Monitor All, Contacts and Text Messages on the smart devices
Real-Time GPS Tracking
Quick Installation
User-friendly Interface

3- Net Nanny

As the name suggests, this app works as a “Digital Nanny” for keeping an eye on your children. Net Nanny is very liked among android users and carries very good ratings on the Google Play Store. The main feature of this parental control app is the management of the internet for children. The parents can track and block any content that is harmful to the kids.

Automatic Blockage of harmful online content
Screen time and app use tracking
Control smart devices remotely
Full Internet filter

4- Screen Time

Screen time is a particularly designed parental control app for android phones. This all help parent to restrict and control the children‘s access to smart devices and internet. Also, it provides critical stats, which helps in making beneficial decisions regarding smartphone and internet usage.

Full-screen time control with stop, pause and start controls
Rewarding system for less screen time
Customized Avatar feature
Scheduling for daily and weekly basis
Email warnings feature

5- Norton

Have a restless child who’s always busy searching and discovering new things on Google? If you’re worried about him accessing harmful content, this app is perfect for you. Norton is an amazing parental control app that contains all the children’s supervision tools to keep them safe from harmful online content. It’s not limited to smartphones only. You can monitor your children’s overall smart devices. The best feature of this app is getting alerts for online keyword searches.

Smart Device Supervision
Online web search tracking
Alerts for Online search keyword
Real-time location track
Personal information protection
Final Takeaway
As you can notice, every parental app offers amazing tools and features to monitor and control your activities on smart devices. We listed the top 5 parental control apps for android; however, FamiSafe remains the no#1 parental control app due to its easy usage and variety of features.

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