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10 Best WordPress Plugins to Boost your Content Marketing Efforts

Content is actually a useful resource of information about anything. This terminology has obtained a considerable importance in the digital word. Without contents, online marketing has no existence at all. In order to gain success in digital marketing, SEO professional and webmasters need to have an appropriate content marketing strategy to create and distribute valuable, pertinent, and consistent content to attract and retain more audience and run a profitable website. The importance of content marketing is reflected in flowing data. Just have a look:

  • A digital company which implements content marketing effectively is likely to get 7.8 times more site traffic than that of those who don’t do so,
  • 61% customer’s buying decision are dominated by custom contents,
  • Content marketing is 63% inexpensive than traditional marketing and produces 3 times more leads.

There are many individuals who use WordPress as a significant content marketing tool. There are a number of WordPress plugins available that could help you a lot in content marketing. Just go through a collection of most useful plugins detailed here below:

1. Yoast SEO

Availability: WordPress plugin Directory

Active installs: 1+ million

Cost: Free

Your content not only has to impress your readers, but also, it needs to satisfy the standards of search bots in order to get excellent rankings in the SERP of different search engines. You need to improve the quality of your contents and optimize it very well to impress search engine bots. This plugin comes with page analysis tool, which helps you to optimize the content for both, search engines and users.

Additionally, this plugin is powered with site analysis tools such as Google analytics integration, GSC integration, Google authorship, open graph Meta integration, twitter cards, XML sitemaps and more, which helps you a lot in content marketing.

2. YARPP(Yet Another Related Posts Plugin)

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

Active Installs: 1,000+

Cost: Free

Google consider bounce rate of a website to measure its importance and relevance. When visitors land on your website and leave immediately, then it results in high bounce rate of your website. It affects your site’s ranking in Google & other search engines.

Therefore It is very important for bloggers to keep their readers engaged and show the most closely related post to the topic for their readers when they are going through a post.

When you use the YARPP plugin on your site, it shows related posts from your site at the end of every article, which encourages readers to click the link and read other articles as well. If readers spend more time on your website, it decreases your site’s bounce rate up to a great extent. This helps you to increase your site’s viability in search engines and attract more and more traffic.

3. Flare

Availability: WordPress plugin Directory

Active Installs:10,000+

Cost: Free

If you are trying to promote your business with the help of content marketing, you need to publish high-quality posts. Producing high-quality content is the key to get lots of social shares. In order to make this process easy, you can use flare.

With this Plugin, you can place social media share buttons at the top or bottom of your post and in a floating sidebar on either side. It is fully compatible with all main social media channels, and you can also decide which ones you want your content to be shared on. This Plugin makes it easier for you to see how your content is performing. This tool encourages visitors to share your posts and give your site more exposure easily.

4. MyCurator Content Curation

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

Active installs: 2,000+

Cost: Free

Creating fresh and unique content, one after another is perhaps the hardest task for content marketers. If you struggle with this problem, MyCurator Content Curation will help you a lot. This plugin works in the background and contents (on the Internet) you may find useful. You can use those results as a resource for creating content with innovative ideas, quotes, facts and figures easily and add reliability to your website.

This Plugin comes with a notebook feature, that enables you to note down ideas, save them as drafts and schedule them to be used afterwards just like a version of Evernote within WordPress. The most excellent thing about this Plugin is that the algorithm “learns” what material you like.

5. Editorial Calendar

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

Active Installs:50,000+

Cost: Free

You need good content in bulk to get success in the content marketing. When your website grows rapidly, content management becomes more stressful and harder. Editorial Calendar helps contents marketers to know which posts get published and at what time.

The Plugin enables you to visualize everything you’ve scheduled, which makes it easier to trace any gaps. If you wish to make changes, just drag and drop an article to a different date and it’s done. It displays all unscheduled and unpublished articles next to the calendar. This helps you to stop any articles from falling in unpublished purgatory.

6. Zedity

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

Active Installs: 10,000+

Cost: Free

It will be very difficult for you to build an attractive and functional website if you don’t know anything about coding. Coding is not an easy work at all. If you try to learn it while building a website, you will have to spend countless frustrating hours with not much positive results.

When you use Zedity, you can create your favorite website without editing a single code. It helps you to create posts and pages easily and obtain the desired professional results in a short span of time.

7. Easy Content Templates

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

Active Installs: 3,000+

Cost: Free

Easy Content Templates is a helpful plugin for WordPress that allows you to define content templates easily and add them to new or existing post and pages. By default, Templates are reserved to the creator only .You can share it with other users by checking the “Make this Template available for others” in the checkbox. Other users are not allowed to edit your template, they can only use it.

8. ImageInject

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wp-inject-540x175.png

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

Active installs: 10,000+

Cost: Free

ImageInject helps you to add images into your WP post easily and quickly. When you use this plugin, you can easily search a list of several free images. It searches pixabay and flickr and add any needed photo attribution automatically. It also adds all title tags and uploads the photo to your WP media library.

9. ExpressCurate

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

Active installs: 2,000+

Cost: Free

Content creation is challenging and time consuming assignment. Many times, it makes content developers feel exhausted and irritated. But, ExpressCurate comes as a helping hand for them. This Plugin helps you to create and publish high-quality contents in a short span of time.

This plugin is equipped with a number of features such as RSS feeds and Google alerts importer, curation post composer and editor, flexible publishing options, Keyword analysis and management, etc. RSS & Google alerts Importer helps you to extract content from your RSS feeds and Google alerts directly into ExpressCurate, which offers you an easy straining point. Content Notification Emails helps you get notification emails whenever a new content is discovered. Top Curation Sources feature helps you to monitor your top curation sources. This plugin is a perfect tool for SEO professionals, marketing agencies, professional bloggers, that require a large scale contents within a restricted budget.

10. SEO Audit Tool by ContentLook

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

Active Installs: 400+

Cost: Free

With the help of SEO Audit Tool by ContentLook, you can keep a close eye on your whole content marketing strategy, apart from 6 main areas- authority, links, SEO, social media, traffic and blogging.

You can easily find out areas, which requires your attention immediately. You can easily get your issues solved with the help of content writers, developers, SEO professionals, marketers, managers, etc. When you use this tool, you get weekly SEO Audit report by email.

Summing Up

Success in content marketing doesn’t come easy. If you have a massive task to handle content marketing for various websites, you can use the above mentioned plugins to bolster your content marketing efforts easily and get the desired results easily you crave for.

There are several organizations that ignore data modeling, data architecture and business requirements discovery which hampers the effective use of their data and information. But these are important activities for every successful data management initiative.

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