Running a successful e-commerce store takes a lot more than just selling good products online. There are many other important things that one needs to oversee to boost your Shopify store’s sales, like Search Engine Optimization of your product description and listings, providing secure checkouts, having an user friendly interface, proper inventory management, and quick  shipments. 

If you’re just starting out or want to improve your Shopify store, you got lucky to land on this page, just keep reading and you will find lots of useful information on how to improve your shopify dropshipping business.. Because we’ve listed down in below the best Shopify Apps and Tools both paid and free of 2021, which you can use to monetize your Shopify store, that being said, let’s have a look at the functionality of some top Shopify Apps and tools. 

2021 Best Email Automation Apps for Shopify

If you would like to succeed, you need to keep in mind you need to dedicate your time to operate your  store successfully. There are so many important tasks associated with Shopify which also include answering emails, tracking the orders, sending daily / weekly  newsletters and automated emails to give the users the best customer experience. That’s where the importance of  Email automation apps comes in. 

Paid App: Klaviyo

Let’s start with Klaviyo!

Klaviyo is a very popular Email Automation app that offers the user’s best customer experience to help the business to provide the best customer experience for Shopify dropshipping. 


  • High user ratings 
  • Advance automated abandoned cart features 
  • Very user-friendly user interface. 
  • Automated user segmentation options
  • It is filled with so many other features that outweigh all the other email marketing apps in the market. 


  • Klaviyo is quite costly, the more subscribers you have the more you are going to pay for your monthly subscription. 

Free App: Avada Email Marketing 

Avada is a Free Email Marketing tool that offers the user to boost their e-commerce customers’ experience. You can connect with your customers through email and SMS to remind them about their abandoned charts and also collect leads through emails easily. This app is also helpful to boost customer loyalty. 


  • Avada is time and cost-effective. 
  • Let you send customized messages to the customers
  • Let you send the order confirmation, returned shipment, and PDF invoices. 
  • Sms option available 
  • Quick and responsive customer service answering your questions via live chat

Cons: The setup is not very easy to figure out. You need to contact the customer service via live chat or email to figure things out while before launching your first advanced email marketing campaign. 

2021 Best Inventory Automation and Management Tools

Keeping the track of the Inventory is crucial for Shopify stores. For that, the inventory automation and management tools provide the best solution to keep your store up to date with the most recent products in the market as well as minimizing customer’s frustrations due to out of stock products.

Stock Sync is among the very popular inventory automation and management tools for Shopify stores. This app is very effective for managing the inventory on your behalf, doing price manipulation, and synchronizing to vendor sites for inventory automation and fulfillment. 


  • The app offers frequent feed updates and keeps the inventory of the Shopify store up to date. 
  • The inventory automation feature is very time-saving for the dropshipping store. 
  • Users can update the prices of the many products using this app feature. 
  • The feed can auto update your store on a specific time you choose every day, every week or every month.
  • Product uploading is very easy thanks to this app. You have to map the excel sheet you have with shopify fields through the app and you are pretty much done. The app will do all the heavy lifting
  • The app is super easy to use and very stable.


  •  Implementation of the software is very time-taking, no live chat option. You need to email the customer support and wait for at least 24 hours.

Free: Bulk Product Edit & CSV import by Hextom

This app is the ideal choice for Shopify store owners who are running hundreds of different products at a time. It let the user instantly reduce the price for sales and restore it at the original price whenever you want. 


  • Bulk edit features and Product SEO features have been proven very effective for boosting sales and handling Shopify Inventory. 
  • It allows the user to upload the CSV file.  
  • Users can also schedule tasks for later tasks—for instance, scheduling discounts for the upcoming Black Friday week and so on. 


  • Bad customer service. 
  • The upgrades are expensive and do not worth the price, like $10 for edits. 

2021 Best Shipping Apps For Shopify Canada

Customer is the king and good shipping is the way to serve the King properly. The major part of customers’ experience relies on the Shipping quality of your Shopify store. Luckily there are now apps for Shopify shipping which you can use to provide the hassle free experience to your customer and increase the sales of your drop shipping store.

Net Parcel is a great option if you wish to ship any of your products to either Canada or the United States. Partnering with popular courier and trucking companies like UPS and Fedex , the company can help deliver your products within your delivery time frame, without any issues.


  • Saves the cost of shipments up to 60%
  • It allows you to compare rates between different shipping companies. 
  • On-time delivery. The company collaborates with only the most reliable companies such as UPS , Canpar, Fedex and etc..
  • You can easily import your shopify order into the system so you do not have to enter customer shipping details manually.


  • You can not fully integrate this app with your shopify store. As a result the clients can not get a real time shipping quote on the checkout page.

Free: Canada Post Shopify Native Shipping

Canada Post has collaborated with Shopify to provide all sorts of hassle-free shipping services. This service lets your customer track their packages anytime they want. 


  • It allows the customers to see all the shipping charges realtime when they place an order. 
  • No hidden fees or charges. 
  • Easy to create labels , cancel labels , edit shipments and etc


  • Delayed deliveries of several packages are experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Canada Post pick up service for businesses is unreliable.

2021 Best Volume & tiered discounts Shopify apps

Discounts are one of the best ways to attract wholesale customers. But when you’re dealing with huge volumes, you need a reliable tiered  discount  app  so you can avoid long phone conversations with wholesale clients  every time they would like to place a bulk order. 

If you’re a wholesaler or someone who wishes to retain any of their older customers, then you’re in luck. The volume boost is an incredible app to help you formulate discounted pricing campaigns throughout all the different products that your company has to offer. 


  • VolumeBoost offers different packages to attract distinctive sets of customers. 
  • It allows for flexible pricing and gives your customers an incentive to buy more.
  •  You can also schedule any sales, so you don’t miss out on anything.


  • The application gets glitches sometimes

2021 Best Reputation Management / Review Apps

In a Shopify Dropshipping store, your reputation and reviews play a critical role and impacts the sales and customer loyalty of your store. Reputation management is not less than marketing. It’s the way of manipulating customer reviews and maintaining the reputation of your Shopify store.

If you’re a brand with minimal or not too many good reviews, then the Reputon Customer Reviews App is just what you need. It’s an application that allows you to keep track of customer experience, so you don’t get overwhelmed by bad ratings. 


  • Customers receive a review invitation email if they click bad experience the system doesn’t take them to the review site, instead, an email section pop up so the negative review is only seen by the site owner not by the public
  • Send automatic survey emails to your customers to note down their feedback.
  • Differentiates good reviewers and bad reviewers on its own. 
  • Increases your SEO performance, so you can generate more sales. 


  • The App doesn’t allow you to send emails in multiple languages.

2021 Best Shopify SEO Apps

In today’s time, setting up a Shopify store has become quite easy that has attracted many new people to dropshipping business. In result, the market has become very saturated and SEO becomes a true essential to move forward. With the help of Shopify SEO apps you can optimize your store, your site, the product description, image, and in short everything. 

SEO Manager is among the popular SEO tools to boost the site’s ranking. You can create customized dynamic descriptions, titles, and keywords for your Shopify dropshipping store. 


  • Provide the Google Sites Trends. 
  • Extremely user-friendly. People with no prior SEO knowledge can also work fine with the user guide of this tool.    


  • Some users experience site crashes after using this app. 
  • Over expensive app. 
  • Poor Customer Support.
  • No immediate results 

Free: Avada SEO Suite APP

This is a free SEO tool to boost the SEO of the Shopify stores. With Avada SEO Suite, you can improve your store’s ranking, increase website speed and automate the SEO optimization of your site.


  • This allows you to optimize the ALT tag image for your wholestore in bulk with one click. 
  • Creation of Dynamic Meta Title and Meta Descriptions 
  • The Preload feature boosts the website loading speed. 
  • You can integrate this app with some of the other best Shopify apps.


  • Some users experience trouble in installing and deleting this app on the Shopify Stores. You might have to reach out to the support team to install or uninstall the app.
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