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The word ‘centos’ is something that many people related to the IT and Software Engineering field come across. Centos is an operating system that is most commonly used at a corporate level.  This operating system is closely associated with Linux as it is based on a similar system. Over the years, centos have been operating on versions that would typically get an update after every ten years or so. Their most recent update was launched in 2019, in the month of September, which was called centOS 8. The company, however, decided that they would not develop new versions for centos and stick to only one version whose software would be updated when needed. This move caused a lot of IT-related problems for companies, which is why many of them chose to opt for better alternatives. So if you’re looking to invest in a better operating system, here are a few options.

1. Windows 10 (Microsoft)

Throughout the years, the Windows operating system has proved to be a reliable software that has been (and still is) trusted by millions of users worldwide. The most recent and updated version of Windows is Windows 10. The update comes with all the latest features and technology that would be sufficient for businesses as well as personal use. 

2. macOS (Apple)

The macOS operating system was first introduced and developed by the company Apple and there’s a high probability that you are reading this post from one of Apple’s famous products which is the ‘Iphone’. As of now, the latest version of macOS is called the macOS Big Sur (11.2.3). There are so many features in the macOS Big Sur, that it would be difficult to list all of them here. All you should know is that this system is powerful, fast, and a definite bang for the buck.

3. Ubuntu (Canonical): 

The operating system, Ubuntu might be relatively new for some people. This operating system was launched by the company ‘Canonical’ in the year 2004. As of today, the software is running on version 20.04.20. In addition to this, the company provides five years worth of free maintenance and security which is guaranteed. If you’re worried about device compatibility, you can rest assured that it works on laptops as well as PC’s.

4. Fedora

Fedora is another efficient operating system that is considered to be relatively better than Windows (according to what the IT experts are saying). Moreover, there are tons of other advantages of using the Fedora operating system. For example, the time it takes to boot up the software is 15 seconds less than what it takes to boot up Windows 10. Also, there is no need to worry about viruses and malware as the latest version comes with all the necessary security updates. 

4. Oracle linux

Launched in 2006, the oracle linux operating system gave its users a powerful software that could be trusted and used effectively. The great thing about the oracle linux operating system is that its application can greatly benefit small start-up businesses as well as multinational corporations. 

5. Lubuntu

Like centos, Lubuntu is also a linux-based operating system that is super lightweight and efficient. Setting up this operating system on a PC or Laptop is fairly straightforward as the hardware requirements are pretty minimalistic. According to the experts, the best version of Lubuntu to use these days is the ‘Bionic Beaver’ (18.04). This update is pretty user-friendly and has also been highly rated. 

6. Red hat enterprise linux

Red Hat Enterprise is considered to be one of the best leading linux platforms throughout the world. With the help of Red Hat Enterprise operating system, you can easily stay up to date about cloud deployments consistently. Also, with the help of this operating system, you will have access to the latest development tools which will take your business to the next level. 

7. Linux Mint:

Linux Mint is another alternative of Centos. It was founded in 2006 by Linux Mark Institute.

You can produce powerful and super user friendly operating systems with Linux Mint. It has been a popular pick among many developers and has been receiving good ratings. The best thing about Linux Mint is it’s totally free. You can just download it from their website without paying anything. The user friendly and intuitive interface makes the transaction easy for the users who were using other distributions of Windows or Linux. 


To sum up this post in a few words, there are several operating systems out there which provide fast and reliable services. In addition to this, each operating system that has been mentioned above has its own pros and cons. But, for an average user, each one these operating systems would work equally well. This is because most of the options mentioned above have good reviews and ratings. 

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