When it comes to creating an e-commerce store or a blogging website, WordPress is a great platform to start. Although the platform is pretty user-friendly, there are a few obstacles that every beginner will face. The most challenging and mind-boggling part will be deciding the right theme for your website or blog. With thousands of themes available on WordPress, a user who is just beginning his blogging journey might have a difficult time choosing the right theme for his or her particular niche. Therefore, to make things simpler we’ve compiled a list of the top paid and free themes of 2021 that will make your WordPress user experience much better.

Alright, so let’s talk about paid themes first. On average a paid WordPress theme will typically cost you around $40-$60/year. But, the great thing about paid themes is that you’ll have more options and flexibility when it comes to designing or customizing your website. Here are top 5 handpicked premium wordpress themes for you. 

Top Five Paid Themes

1.Divi Theme

If you want to create a website that stands out and is unique, consider using the Dive theme. With the Dive theme installed on your WordPress site, you will be able to perform lots of functions that an unpaid theme might not allow you to do. Also, by using the Divi theme you will not be required to install a bunch of plug-ins to make your website work. For instance, plug-ins like social media buttons(Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter), pricing charts, and contact forms will all be available in the Divi theme package. And these are just three inclusive features. You will have access to all the necessary plug-ins to make your website skyrocket!

2. Newspaper theme

Another amazing WordPress theme which you could try out for your website is a theme called the ‘Newspaper’. The Newspaper theme is best suited for people who like to write about fitness, fashion, news, and trendy topics. Honestly, you can use this theme for several other niches as well and you will not be limited to the ones mentioned above. Secondly, there are many advantages that come with this theme. For example, you will have access to more than 800 templates and an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder.

3. TheGem Theme

Want to bring your creativity to life? You can conveniently do so by using TheGem theme. The best part about using this theme is that you can creatively design your website regardless of whether or not you know the basics of coding. It’s a highly user-friendly platform that allows the user to express their designs the way they envisioned them. Moreover, this theme will give you access to more than 400 demos for each template. So, before you start using a template, you’ll get the gist of how that particular template works.

4. Uncode theme

Uncode is a multi-purpose theme that can be used for more than just writing and blogging. By using the Uncode theme, you can transform your website into an e-commerce store and also supplement your written content in it. With access to tons of pre-installed templates, you can choose a design that fits best with your niche. Therefore, if you have an innovative business idea in mind, use the Uncode theme to boost your sales.

5. Stockholm:

Stockholm is among other most sold wordpress themes. It has been purchased over 24,000 times. The reason for this popularity is its multi-purpose functionality. There are three demos readily available which help the user in enhancing the look of the website and make it relevant to restaurant, architecture and shop themes. Also, you get all the e-commerce features with this theme. Stockholm offers huge customization options. For instance, you can easily change colors, layouts and get Google Fonts support to give your website an eye catching look. 

Top Five Free Themes: 

Now that we’ve covered the top paid themes, let’s talk about the themes that you can install without spending a penny. Many successful bloggers have used free themes and have still managed to generate thousands of dollars in revenue each year. Here are the best 5 handpicked free wordpress themes of 2021. 

1.Airi theme

The Airi theme is a simplistic, yet powerful theme that can be used for initiating an online store as well as an online blog. This theme comes with an attractive and elegant design that can easily impress the viewer. Moreover, the Airi theme comes with a pre-integrated plug-in called elementor. With the help of an elementor, you can customize your website without breaking a sweat. So, if you’re on a budget, you should definitely opt for this theme as it is easy to use and is almost as good as the many paid themes available on the WordPress store.

2. Zakra theme

Whether you operate your blog on a personal level or a corporate level, the Zakra theme will always have something in store for you. The best feature of the Zakra theme is its level of responsiveness. A responsive website will always be appreciated by the user who visits your page. Without a responsive website, people will simply move to other websites even if you have amazing content to offer. Therefore, consider using the Zakra theme to avoid any of these issues. 

3. GeneratePress theme

By choosing GeneratePress as your theme, you will be able to design and customize your website according to the topic/niche you want to write about. Also, the plus-point of using GeneratePress is that it won’t occupy a lot of storage space as it’s less than 10 kilobytes. To make things better, GeneratePress will also give you tips and tricks as to how you can make your content more SEO-friendly. Keeping your website SEO-friendly is an important point to consider if you want to drive more traffic to your website.

4. Astra theme

The Astra theme is probably the easiest free theme that one can use for WordPress. Many well-known organizations like NASA and Stanford University have used the Astra theme to design their websites. More than 5000 people have recommended their service due to its reliability and easy-to-use features. And even if you’re not familiar with coding, you will be able to customize major elements of your page without any hassle. Like TheGem theme, the Astra theme will also give you demos for the templates you wish to customize. 

5. Foodica Lite:

If you’re looking for a food blog and recipe website theme then Foodica Lite is your best catch. A free wordpress theme loaded with a gorgeous slider. Also you get a free WooCommerce  integration. This is the top free wordpress theme in the food category. If you’re just starting an online food store, Foodlica Lite has everything you need. 

Final Words: 

The success or failure of your website can greatly depend on which theme you choose. Moreover, Using the right theme for your WordPress site can have a massive impact on how many viewers visit your page. Therefore, to make your website user-friendly for you as well as the viewer, you need to make sure you choose an efficient and responsive theme (be it paid or free). 

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