Top & Best Alternative Tools to Google Analytics | Full Guide

Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics tools that requires no introduction. It plays an essential role on every digital marketing and SEO campaign. According to a recent survey, Google Analytics is one of the most used web analytics tools in the world. 

Another reason for its popularity is the brand name and its free accessibility. However, there are alternative web analytics tools to Google Analytics which you can use available in the market today. These tools are fast and offer more privacy for both you and the users. What are those? Well, here in this post, we’ve listed down the top & Best Alternative Tools to Google Analytics. Lets get started!

1. Heap 

Heap is one of the most effective analytics platforms that track not only the number of visitors on your site but also their activities. For example: When a visitor entered your site, which places he visited. You might find it common in other analytics tools, but Heap implements it in the best way. 

With Heap, you get an auto-tracking tool that is very face and accurate. This is essential for startups as it lessens their burdens.  

There are free and paid plans available. A free plan gets your 60,000 sessions in a year and 12 months of your data. However once your business starts growing and crosses the 60,000 limits, you can opt for a $12,000 per year plan. 

2. Mixapanel 

It is not just an analytic tool but also a whole suite of web tools that are sharply focused on outgrowing the business sales. You can find several advanced features on Mixapanel’s dashboard. 

With Mixapanel, you can track the users’ behavior and the KPIs not only on the website but also on your app. That makes it ideal for agencies and startups. Unlike other tools, Mixapanel is a well-designed program targeted for SaaS and website owners’ assistance in getting crucial insights about their customers’ interaction with their products. 

Mixapanel is free up to 100,000 users per month. If your business outreaches the limit, then you can take one of the paid plans that start from $25 per month.   

3. Amplitude

Amplitude is another advanced analytics tool that is used for product intelligence. It offers one of the most user-friendly interfaces, which can be observed by the look of its dashboards.

With Amplitude, the site owners can track the usage of products, visitors’ behavior, and also the conversions. The only drawback of Amplitude is the requirements of lots of data of effective results. Due to that, this tool is best for developing business and sites which are having huge traffic. Among those developed customers, the two popular ones are PayPal and Cisco. 

Amplitude offers a free plan which can track 10,000,000 user actions in a month. For premium plans, you can get customized quotes by contacting their sales department. 

4. Fathom 

It’s a very simple yet privacy-focused analytic tool that makes the analytics very simple for the new business owners who want simple insights about the visitors to make business plans. 

Fathom offers the very basic website tracking that tracks visitors, bounce rate, and website owners’ goal fulfillment. Its simple functions and usage make it best for freelancers or someone who’s offering services for websites. Because you manage multiple sites from one account. The best thing about Fathom is cookieless. 

Pricing of Fathom starts with a $14 per month and seven days free trial.

5. FullStory

Fullstory is a digital experience analytics tool designed to improve online product engagement by tracking your site’s user experience. 

FullStory consists of multiple tools that are used for the analysis of conversions, speed metrics of pages, traffic spikes, etc. The special thing about FullStory is its use of Artificial Intelligence for tracking. Fullstory provinces instant results, which make it best for the digital teams working with the outside agencies. 

FullStory offers a free plan for 1000 sessions in a month. Anything above that has different paid plans that have different pricing. 


It is another simple analytic program that focuses on the privacy of both users and website owners. Looking at the dashboard, you can find all the important event tracking to analyze the customer’s behavior. 

Microanalytics offers all the user analytics in the most simple way. Also, the remarkable thing is it strictly follows all the website privacy laws. 

You can use Microanalytics totally free for 10,000 viewers per month, and for more, the paid plans start at $9 per month. 

7. Clicktale:

Clicktale is analytics that works just like Google Analytics and tracks customer behavior. The company calls its program “digital experience analytics.” 

Clicktale offers a full customer behavior analysis on websites and apps and provides valuable insights about the customer activities that help make critical business decisions.

The company offers different prices according to the need of customers. You can contact them for a price quote. 

8. Smartlook:

As the name suggests, Smartlook is a smart analytics tool to monitor visitors’ behaviors on sites, mobile apps, and games as well. 

Smartlook offers all the useful pieces of information to the site owners that can be used to find better solutions for the customers and outgrow the business. It runs both qualitative and quantitative analysis. There is another feather called “Filtered Recordings” that let you jump to specific events. This program is suitable for large companies and carries good overall ratings. 

Smartlook offers a free plan for a limited number of visitors, and their paid plan starts from $31 per month. 


The segment is not just like other analytics tools mentioned in this list. It works not as an analytic tool but as a layer between other tools and the website. That means it can integrate with many analytics tools. 

Segment offers a different approach that aims to provide access to analytics or insights to different teams. For instance, anyone from the team can access the data they want. Each department can access the data they require, which boosts efficiency and makes decision-making very simple. This layer program also lets you change the analytics programs from a single setting. You can also transfer your data to other apps. The famous names among the customers of Segment are Levis, IBM, and Google. You heard it right! 

Segment offers a free plan for 1000 visitors/month. The paid plan starts from the cost of $120/month.   

10. Leadfeeder:-

Leedfeeder is a specially designed program for salespeople and digital marketers to monitor the user activity on their website. All these insights are gathered without site visitors filling any form or subscription. 

Leadfeeder lets the site owners synchronize the analytics to the CRM software. This enables the sales team to see which pages are being visited the most so the marketers can communicate with these visitors with the sales pitch that is laser-targeted. This program is super easy to install and very user-friendly. 

The free plan is available for limited features and visitors. However, Leadfeeder paid plans are starting from $55/month with a free 14 days trial of paid plans as well. 


Web analytics has become crucial for growing the business and sites today. As the online market is getting more saturated day-by-day and in order to grow in the tight competitive market condition, you must know the online visitor’s behavior, and the tools mentioned above are genuinely essentials to get this job done. 

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