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Google is Taking Mobile Internet to the Next Level with AMP

Google will start integrating AMP, which is short for Accelerated Mobile Pages, in their search results in February this year. They first broke the news in October. Amp is their effort to make the way we get information in browsers and additional apps on our smartphones better. It will produced web pages that are more streamlined.

It is the answer to the instant articles that Facebook offers. It was launched previously and the AMP project has been designed to offer a similar experience. Because phones have become one of the main ways people access the internet, it is more important than ever to improve the way they get their information. Tech giants are working to make the internet work more efficiently on mobile devices.

Google knows that a user will stop waiting for any site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Mobile devices usually take around eight seconds to load pages. AMP has been designed to cut that loading time down to a time that the users will permit. In testing, AMP pages, like Pinterest, have loaded 4 times faster.

Rudy Galfi, Google’s AMP product manager says “we see this trend around people consuming content in distributed ways. “People aren’t coming in through the homepage as much as they’re coming in through social media apps, like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, or they’re coming in through something like Google.” She stated that publishers can thrive in the environment because of the way that they built AMP.

One of the advantages of Google’s AMP is that it can operate on the internet anywhere. Instant Articles on Facebook can only host its publisher’s content on Facebook. Google is working with Pinterest and Twitter to get all of the tweaks out.

The AMP project poses questions regarding how publishing technology can impact what is read or seen. For example, the search engine can prioritize the AMP-primed pages because speed is one of the signals that is favored by its ranking system. It is good when you can predict a fast experience.

It may change the standards when it comes to the advertisements on cellular phones. They will be supported by the AMP pages and each publisher will be able to control which ads are shown. It also works to not allow that pop ups that interrupt when clicking on various websites. The AMP can’t control what the ads do, but they work to not allow them to block the content.

Overall, it will get the information to the people quicker, so that there is no extensive waiting times for loading pages. It is thought that more people will  read the content and that will compensate from the lost revenue from ad-blocking. If they can get the pages to load faster and block the ads, the people will not be as likely to block the ads.