We have come through a lot of clients who are confused about whether they should design their website using templates or not. The thing is, making the decision about the designing is a daunting process. Many designers and developers such as WordPress, Drupal, GoDaddy’s Website Builder, etc. tend to utilize website templates purchasing themes from themeforest.net, templatemonster.com, and many more. However, today we are going to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of using website templates so that you can make an informed decision whether you should go for it or not. 

At first hand, you have to be aware and careful if you are thinking to go with the website templates. But, as per our experience, we personally don’t recommend website templates if you are looking for a long-term solution for some kind of serious business. However, all the things are mentioned below and if you read the whole article, you will know everything in detail. Let’s get started. 

Advantages of Using a Website Template

  • Get your website ready in no time
    There is no quicker approach than getting a website template when it comes to designing a website for your business. WordPress, TemplateMonster, and many more websites are always at your service to help you with readymade templates. All you need to do is downloading the files and installing them on the site that you made with WordPress. 
  • Website templates may not cost you money at all
    Many website templates on the internet come with no charges, which makes it really easy for businesses or individuals to set up their websites with ease. However, you might come through a few templates which may include charges but that are likewise not more than a hundred bucks. Templates that include charges will offer you special features along with better customer service support.
  • Plenty of website templates around the globe
    You are just one click away to peek inside the world of millions and billions of website templates on the internet on platforms such as Shopify Store Templates, BigCommerce Store Templates, WordPress Store Templates, etc. You just need to search with the term “website template” on Google and boom! However, you need to makes sure that you search with long-tail keywords while looking for a suitable template for your website because templates are abundant and Google has no clue what type of template you are looking for unless you explain it. 
  • You have the demo
    Websites that offer or sell templates, tend to have a demo template for their customers so that they can have a trial with their preferred template. It’s optimal that you have a look at your preferred template and check how much flexible it is for you to utilize on your website.

Disadvantages of Using Website Templates

  • Your website is not the unique one
    Perhaps you have chosen a template for your website and you love it the most. But chances are, there are many other people who might already have been using the same template on their website. Or, there might be people who are going to like the same template and use it on their websites as well. It’s going to be very confusing to a prospect if he or she finds the same website as yours at another location. 
  • You have certain limitations
    You might fall in crisis while updating and managing your website even though it has the best looking template. When you don’t replace the same kinds of content from the website template, it is going to trouble you with so many factors such as deletion problems, page insertion, text addition, page layout issues, omission problems and many more. The code gets hard to update and decipher when you want to change the working procedure of the website template.
  • There might be hidden charges but you don’t know
    While designing your website, it’s an ideal decision to think about long-term goals. Though website templates don’t happen to have any upfront costs, they might charge you a lot of money in the long run. You might face issues while updating your template and it would need you to look for a professional developer who can help you out with the codes and all. It might take a lot of money to fix the issues later. So, be careful when deciding on a website template because cheap things don’t take much time to get over-expensive. 
  • Integrations are a big problem
    You are going to be in a big trouble when it comes to integrating connections, third-party systems, or API into your website. A website template is not compatible to do make integrations possible. Therefore, you will need to hire a web development team to integrate marketing automation systems, customer retention management, and customer portal to your website because these things need custom code.
  • It can be frustrating while figuring out the website
    Templates can be good as well as bad on the other hand. You are not likely to find the issues with your website template until you don’t face it. There may be times when you think that some of the functionality and coding would work this way but they actually work that way. Hence, it might get a bit frustrating for you. 
  • You might fall at a loss
    It’s really difficult and daunting to find support for a website made with templates when it stops working or gets broken. Web design companies do not will repair the websites built with templates because it’s a lot of headache for the, to figure out the interactivity code and the logic. At this point, you don’t know what to do and perhaps you could completely lose the website. 

To sum it up, website templates are inexpensive, attractive, and you can easily set them up. It could be your best choice if you are just starting up a business or a personal blog. But when it comes to a big organization with long-term goals, it’s better to work with a Montreal web design company and go for a custom website because the templates may have pitfalls and limitations. Here at A Plus Digital we build secure and story-telling designs that optimize your SERPs and convert your leads into customers. Contact  A Plus Digital when choosing  reliable web design partner in Montreal QC Canada.

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