Best Practices to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment this Holiday Sales Season

 The eCommerce industry is growing rapidly because it is working on one agenda i.e. convenience. The customers prefer online stores rather than physical stores because they don’t want to experience the hassle of standing in a long queue and fighting with the public to pick up the desired products and then again waiting at the

Boost Magento Website’s SEO by Reducing Bounce Rate

Table of Content1 Boost Magento Website’s SEO by Reducing Bounce Rate1.1 1. Carefully select your web hosting provider1.2 2. Make a use of caching1.3 3. Use of CDN1.4 4. Compress JavaScript and CSS files1.5 5. Optimize the Images1.6 6. Always use the latest version1.7 7. Enabling Flat Catalog1.8 Conclusion Boost Magento Website’s SEO by Reducing

Google AMP

Google is Taking Mobile Internet to the Next Level with AMP Google will start integrating AMP, which is short for Accelerated Mobile Pages, in their search results in February this year. They first broke the news in October. Amp is their effort to make the way we get information in browsers and additional apps on