Best VPNS for Canada – 2022 Free Guide | Full List & Comparison

A VPN has become a basic need for every online user nowadays, whether for working remotely for overseas companies or just to ensure your privacy online. Especially in Canada, where the laws concerning cyber security are growing more extensively compared to other Western countries, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be an essential piece of software to be installed on your computers and smartphones.

How To Use OTF Fonts And Any Other Font In CSS

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Table of Content1 Check The Font’s License:-1.1 Upload The Chosen Font:-1.2 Add A Font-Face Section Along With CSS Code:-1.3 Apply The Font To Page Elements:- 1.4 Enter Font Variants:-1.5 Final Words:- Font designs are like secret weapons of web designers. Font shapes play a vital role in making a good impression on the visitors on web

Bootstrap Horizontal Scrolling Free Website Templates to Download – Full List

E-commerce and digital marketing businesses are skyrocketing, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic when many business owners realized the importance of online presence. The online market is very crowded. In order to stand out in the crowd and attract clients or customers, you need to have a killer-looking website where you can create a good impression on the visitors and have high conversion rates. Remember, the first impression is the last one that means you need to take excellent measures while designing the website. Your website must look unique and good-looking to stand out and attract visitors.

Best Shopify Free & Paid automation Apps & Tools In 2021

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Running a successful e-commerce store takes a lot more than just selling good products online. There are many other important things that one needs to oversee to boost your Shopify store’s sales, like Search Engine Optimization of your product description and listings, providing secure checkouts, having an user friendly interface, proper inventory management, and quick shipments.


Table of Content1 Illdy – The Best Multipurpose Parallax Scrolling Theme2 Himalayas – Highly Customizable Parallax Theme Suited for Everyone3 Rosa Lite – The Best Theme for Small Businesses4 ParallaxSome – The best Parallax Scrolling Effect5 Featuredlite- Best Suited for Business and Corporate Websites6 eStar – The Best Template for Blogs7 Coral Parallax – Great

What is Centos and What are Its Alternatives- Full Guide

Table of Content1 1. Windows 10 (Microsoft): 2 2. macOS (Apple): 3 3. Ubuntu (Canonical): 4 4. Fedora: 5 4. Oracle linux: 6 5. Lubuntu: 7 6. Red hat enterprise linux: 8 7. Linux Mint:9 Bottomline:   The word ‘centos’ is something that many people related to the IT and Software Engineering field come across. Centos is an operating system that is most

TOP 10 Websites With Interactive Programming Tutorials

Table of Content0.1 1. Treehouse0.2 2. Khan Academy0.3 3. Codecademy 0.4 4. GitHub0.5 5. MIT OpenCourseWare1  1.1 6. Coursera1.2 7. Udemy1.3 8. W3Schools1.4 9. EDX1.5 10. FreeCodeCamp1.6 Summing Up  Technological advancements have increased the demands of many skills. Programming is one of those skills whose demands have outgrown over the past few years. There was a