Halo Health Care

Website Type: Ecommerce

Services Provided: SEO,Web Design, Big Commerce Web Development

Project Start Date: January 2017

Project Goal: Increase Organic Revenue / Rankings

Client Industry: Health Care

Client Location: CANADA


Case Summary

Halo Health needed SEO and Website Development package to launch their website and increase their online presence. We have built an e-commerce site on BigCommerce and helped them with bulk product uploads. After the site launch, they had very little traffic and  wanted to have more targeted traffic and top rankings for popular brands they currently offer. After 1 year of SEO work we were able to rank them on top 3 for their preferred brands related keyword. Their  exposure jumped from 1.2 million as well as 15 to 20% month by month increase of sales revenue

Goals & Challenges

The initial target goals was to launch the site and rank in the top 5 on the Organic searches for popular products that will bring highest sales. The website was new and the competition for Healthcare related products is quite high. At the time of project kick off, google pushed an algorithm update live which is called “Medic update” that moves health related government sites up on the search results. This obviously increased the level of competition on search engine result pages.


The site reached 1 million impressions in 1 year, top rankings for popular healthcare brands and products, organic traffic has increased 15% to 20% month by month. You can look them up using some of the most popular product / brand related keywords: “circulation promoter”  “dr ho reviews”  “dr ho belt” “dr ho circulation promoter” ” “dr ho belt reviews”