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No matter what they are looking for, the first thing your prospective customers do is- Google it. And, it is the websites with high search engine rankings that make the cut and are able to convert in massive numbers while others have no choice but stick to other sources of marketing. So, if you do not want your business to lag, and your marketing campaign to go unnoticed, you can also convert its online presence into a salesperson. Yes, with the best Vancouver SEO Services provided by us, you can have your pages rank higher. Trust us, no amount of luck can take you as far into the SEO marketing as an intelligent strategy, and we just excel in it. 

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Ranking high on Search Engine Result Pages is tougher than you can imagine. You need nothing but the best keywords that will curb the competition for you. At A Plus Digital, a leading Vancouver SEO agency, we have a team of SEO experts who will go the extra mile to find out the most promising set of keywords for your business. Each of which brings the products and services provided by you at the forefront, allowing your audience to relate to your business better. We provide the site audit for FREE which is chargeable by all other companies. 

Give us a call and our team of experts will conduct a thorough website audit for you and bring you the fixes that will fit your budget, helping you achieve your goals. We target four core competencies of a great SEO strategy. 


Manual SEO Site Audits

 The first thing we do is to analyze your websites’ ON page health. Such a site audit is conducted manually by our in-house team . We also look into the strategies adopted by your competitors, the marketing campaigns trending in the current market, and which are the keywords that can help you improve your leads and sales. The 10-15 page website audit is done for free, which other Vancouver SEO providers charge for. 

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site visitor analysis

Website Visitor Analysis

Having the keywords in place is important, but it is also essential that they are relevant, and your website reaches the right set of audience. Therefore, SEO Services provided by us focus on targeting the prospective conversions by studying the behaviour and interests of your traffic. In this way, your traffic becomes more filtered, and you will be able to achieve a higher conversion rate.

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cro analysis

Conversion Optimization

Being on Page #1 results would not help your business if your site visitors do not convert.  You can only have more leads and high revenue with high conversion rates . This is why CRO analysis is vital for every SEO campaign.  We combine the on-site conversion rate optimization with the most promising keywords to help you convert the majority of your traffic. As your website becomes popular, your conversions will automatically shoot up.

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seo content marketing

Content Marketing

Gone are the times when sub-standard content would do the job for you. With the strict ranking algorithms used by Google today, we make sure that all the content that goes out on our partner websites is engaging and links back to your site. The platforms where we publish the content have regular monthly visitors and have competent authority in the SEO landscape already.
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Our Story

A Plus Digital was started in 2013 by Digital marketing experts with years of experience in search engine optimization, web design and development, Pay per click management, social media marketing and reputation management. We create customized digital strategies to fit your businesses goals and of course your budget. Within the last 7 years we worked with national and global companies like Rayacom,Yes Wellness and many others. We know very well that we are only as successful as our clients, and that is exactly what drives us to get you the results.
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We have been working with A Plus Digital for about 2 years and they did a great job with our online presence. Albert operates with a focus on the client objectives and is always honest with his answers. Many people claim to be experts at SEO in Vancouver but I’m confident not many can deliver like A Plus Digital.

Rahel B.Manager

The BEST in the business. A+ Digital helped me with my business and provided a SEO, Google AdWords and Website Package. They definitely know what they’re doing!

Jay LauMarketing Manager

I came across A+ Digital on BigCommerce website’s partners page and i am glad i did. Albert has been taking care of our bigcommerce website & SEO for few years now , He is upfront and transparent. We started seeing significant increase on our search engine rankings and monthly revenue. I would recommend A Plus Digital to anyone looking for web / SEO services .

Mandy VaronDirector

They have done SEO work for our e-commerce site on Shopify and we are very satisfied with the work and the results they delivered so far . We had a brand new domain and they were able to rank us on top industry related keywords in Canada within 8 months. Albert and his team are professional and reliable. Thank you.

Moti LewineMarketing Manager
Search Engine Optimization has evolved as the very core of Digital Marketing. And, here, at A Plus Digital, we are excited  to take your business to new heights by helping you excel in your SEO game. Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

What is SEO Service?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of improving your website’s rankings on search engine result pages. Through increased visibility of your business on the net, the individuals who are looking to buy products or avail services online and offline are more likely to come to you. Therefore, a good Vancouver SEO agency can increase your online presence and turn your website visitors into customers.

What is Organic Traffic?

When websites try to promote themselves through advertisements and referrals, the traffic is considered to be referral or direct. However, by working with the right SEO experts from Vancouver, you can have people finding your website directly on google search. This traffic is considered as Organic . You do not have to pay an ad network, a referral source or whatsoever.

How will you rank my website?

Google algorithm is updated almost every day by google engineers so therefore ranking your website its not an easy go and fix task that can be accomplished in a short period of time. We always make sure that the strategy we opt for ranking your business is in line with current google algorithm.  Algorithm has 100+ ranking signals and we ensure that we execute according to these factors.

An SEO in Vancouver promised to rank my website on the top within 2 weeks, for 200$ per month, is that possible?

There are fraudulent SEO companies in Vancouver which claim to bring your website on top within a couple of weeks and they may succeed time to time in doing so through unfair means. These results are obviously not permanent and will eventually have your website penalized by Google and other Search engines.  If you have been cheated by such services and want to remove the red flag from your domain name, you can contact us. As a 100% legit Vancouver SEO agency, our promise is to improve your rankings gradually which is the most effective and beneficial way for your business long term success.

Where are you based?

We started in Vancouver, continued in Montreal, and now our services are globally present. We provide digital services; therefore, your location hardly makes any difference in the quality of service we provide. We have local, national, and international clients managed by our SEO experts spread across New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Tel Aviv.

I have a Business Idea, would like to start asap but don’t know where to start. Do you offer Web and SEO consultancy?

Yes, with the increasing importance of a business’s online presence, establishing on should be your first step. For this, you require a strong domain name and also choose the right website platform. Our team of SEO experts will contact you to understand the kind of traffic your business is looking for, help you find the most viable, competitive, and search engine friendly domain name; and assist you with the selection of an user-friendly platform which will make your business grow faster.

What Payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via Visa, Master Card, and Email transfers, basically, the most popular, safe, and business-friendly modes of money transfer for your ease.

Why SEO takes quicker on one site and longer on another?

Google determines a website’s domain authority through its history. If your domain name is old and already established, your website can rank higher quicker. However, if you have purchased a new domain name and your website has no history which gives it the web authority, it needs more time. We always ensure that your website gains its domain authority as quick as possible.

I want my business to be on top of the search results within 2 weeks, can you do that?

Building reputation of a business online, organically, is a gradual process and requires time. Though there are Vancouver SEO services companies that promise instant results, but these shady tactics can have your business penalized. At A Plus Digital, our team of Vancouver SEO experts make sure that your website grows while sticking to Google’s guidelines and not otherwise. Google algorithms take time to give your website some recognition. Had Google algorithms been easy to reverse engineer, anyone could have done that right away to bring their websites on top. Therefore, we stick to improving the ranking through better content and keywords so that you can see results in 3 months. You can also hope for early results if your domain name is already well-indexed in the Google algorithms.

What makes A Plus Digital different than the other Vancouver SEO services companies?

We are your digital marketing partner making sure that your business grows with our services. Unlike other Vancouver based SEO firms , who charge their clients on a monthly basis and prioritize them according to their budget, we let our work speak no matter what the client’s budget is. In this way, even small businesses who cannot afford to spend a lot as their SEO budget can contact us for dedicated services.

We dedicate agreed weekly hours of service to the clients for improving their SEO. And the progress of our efforts reflect on the Monthly SEO reports we share with them in the beginning of every month.

Why is SEO an ongoing work?

The engineers at Google update the rankings on a daily basis according to the set of algorithms they follow.  Even if your website ranks #1 for few months during the SEO process, when you stop working on the site’s SEO your ranking will fall. This proves that Google likes websites that are updated regularly and if your competitor works regularly on their SEO when you stop, Google is more likely to rank them higher.

Therefore, SEO requires patience and consistent work to bring your website at the top spot and keep it there always. Though SEO is an investment, its results will last you long term.

Do I have to be based in Canada to work with you? Do you work with international clients?

Definitely not. You don’t have to be based in Canada. Even our team consists of 25 digital web and marketing professionals operating from 14 different countries and We have a solid international client base.

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