Equustek Solutions

Website Type: Content Management System ( Word Press )

Services Provided: SEO,Web Design, IT Support

Project Goal: Increase Leads & Sales

Client Industry: Industrial Automation

Client Location: Burnaby BC CANADA

Case Summary

Equustek Solutions Inc. has been our client since 2012. We have built 8+ different websites on wordpress. Equustek.com was their main company site and they only had 100-200 traffic per month when we first started. After our SEO efforts their traffic increased by 1000% comparing to 2012.

Goals & Challenges

The goal was to increase their organic traffic, leads and sales. There were companies who had already started working on SEO long time before we started. This is why It took us a year to catch up with them.


They achieved top rankings for 200+  industrial automation engineering and product related keywords, organic traffic has increased by 1000% .

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