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There could be many reasons you’re looking for SEO and online marketing help. Maybe you know the top non-paid places and the search engine results page gets over sixty-seven percent of all clicks in traffic. Just moving from position to to position one more than doubles your traffic and moving from the second page to the first page triples your traffic. Maybe you have realized that paid advertising only gets 7 to 8% of the traffic clicks. Sure you can just use pay-per-click but have you seen the price per click lately.. That is what generates billions in revenue for search engines by taking just a small portion of that and concentrating on an SEO sales and content conversion funnel. We can produce increased revenue streams that last. And SEO is so much more profitable than paid advertising. So what are you looking for? do you want to increase traffic with a proven strategy. Do you want to crush a competitor and dominate Google? Maybe you have negative press or unfair reviews that need to be dealt with or maybe you want multiple sites showing up for the same searches. We can do it all!

Tested and Proven SEO Methodology

We use a tested and proven methodology that has ranked hundreds and hundreds of brand name websites in Ottawa, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in online revenue. We leave a trail of success everywhere we go so call us at +1 (888) 680-8841 and let’s see what we can do to help your business grow .

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Manual SEO Audits

The first thing we do is a full review of your site. This allows us to identify issues, and areas that can be improved. We analyze your competitors and their inbound marketing campaigns. We examine the current market of your industry. We research keywords for your individual business, and look for the most relevant searched for keywords. All of these findings enable us to design a personalized marketing strategy for your company. We complete an SEO audit every six months, and adjust that strategy as necessary.

site visitor analysis

Website Visitor Analysis

We analyse your website traffic, and the behavior of your users. This gives insight into how and why visitors use your site. We use these insights to implement strategies that bring targeted, relevant traffic.

cro analysis

Content Marketing

After recent algorithm changes, Content has become one of the most important ranking factors for google. Google likes websites having unique and informative content which directly address popular user queries. We have a team of experienced copywriters and link builders who know how to solidify your brand authority by creating shareable, engaging, informative, unique content and publishing them on your site & our partner websites with regular monthly visitor traffic as well as getting a link back to your website.
seo content marketing

Conversion Optimization

After our SEO Audit, we select targeted keywords that will convert. We provide on site conversion rate optimization, and improvements to the key performance indicators. Our techniques dramatically increase your conversion rates.

Our Story

A Plus Digital was started in 2013 by Digital marketing experts with years of experience in search engine optimization, web design and development, Pay per click management, social media marketing and reputation management. We create customized digital strategies to fit your businesses goals and of course your budget. Within the last 7 years we worked with national and global companies like Rayacom,Yes Wellness and many others. We know very well that we are only as successful as our clients, and that is exactly what drives us to get you the results.
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We have been working with A Plus Digital for about 2 years and they did a great job with our online presence. Albert operates with a focus on the client objectives and is always honest with his answers. Many people claim to be experts at SEO in Montreal but I’m confident not many can deliver like A Plus Digital.

Rahel B.Manager

The BEST in the business. A+ Digital helped me with my business and provided a SEO, Google AdWords and Website Package. They definitely know what they’re doing!

Jay LauMarketing Manager

I came across A+ Digital on BigCommerce website’s partners page and i am glad i did. Albert has been taking care of our bigcommerce website & SEO for few years now , He is upfront and transparent. We started seeing significant increase on our search engine rankings and monthly revenue. I would recommend A Plus Digital to anyone looking for web / SEO services .

Mandy VaronDirector

They have done SEO work for our e-commerce site on Shopify and we are very satisfied with the work and the results they delivered so far . We had a brand new domain and they were able to rank us on top industry related keywords in Canada within 8 months. Albert and his team are professional and reliable. Thank you.

Moti LewineMarketing Manager
Search Engine Optimization has evolved as the very core of Digital Marketing. And, here, at A Plus Digital, we are excited  to take your business to new heights by helping you excel in your SEO game. Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does SEO take in Ottawa?

Business owners  want a silver bullet for revenue inequity within Google or search engines without having to do the work . It is just like getting a six-pack without any effort.. You have to do the work whether that’s working out or eating well. Doing certain things with partnerships and  all of that
takes time. For example, lets say you have a food blog, there are certain things that you can do to work out and achieve results in a six months
time.  Same thing with SEO. You’re not gonna see results from two to thirty days of SEO. More than likely won’t see some big results working out five times a week, eating well for only four weeks right?  SEO is taking between 6 to 12 months until you really see and feel revenue growth and that’s ultimately what we stick to now, depending on where you are. You’re a brand new site or if you already come to us with an existing site with some amount of organic traffic and revenue, it all depends on how well you’ve maintained your shape online.  It is like the savings of work out and how long and what desired result or revenue you want from your website. So, SEO taking time is certainly something you need to understand and expect. And if someone’s telling you they can rank it high in three months you probably don’t want to work with that

What if I don’t have six months, I need traffic now , what can I do?

In the corporate world there’s no way to generate revenue overnight.  Even no amount of advertising is going to get you what you need instantly.

Why does a business need SEO ?

Google is not going to give you equity or a share of the internet for free. You have to work hard to tell Google that you’re credible that you convert traffic  on your website, that you do the right thing and that you’re transparent and that you abide by from a legality standpoint, in a white hat standpoint all of the rules and regulations. if you’re in Canada we believe that you are trying to be in business the next 5 years and Beyond and you need to generate revenue from your website. SEO is your utility belt you need . It’s just like buying insurance with a business. It literally is your Wi-Fi to your business online, so if you want to generate revenue from your website then you are going to have to invest in SEO and that involves a periodic table of elements of a million different things. Depending on where you are in your business and what you need we can diagnose and strategize how to help you hit your revenue goal through your investment in the search engines. It’s very similar to a savings account or real estate investment

My web designer told me that they can do my SEO. Why would I need to hire an SEO agency to do that?

Website companies at the highest level  are understanding what it takes to move the needle from a revenue standpoint in businesses. This is why they do not want to get involved with their limited knowledge in SEO.  it is very different and most of the search engine agencies are solely dedicated to just SEO and PPC so if you’re having a web designer a front-end developer manage your SEO We would put the question back to you and ask if you are sure he is doing the right thing for your website. You understand what the role is in a front-end developer and end coding and then the gap between what’s done on the website and how Google reads that is a question unless you work with a reliable Ottawa SEO agency.

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