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While your business is a hit offline, by taking your SEO game up a notch, it can also become an online sensation! For this, all you need is a high-ranking website on popular search engines, especially Google. Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to having a website that meets the guidelines suggested by search engines. These guidelines are user-focused. So, the more informative and relevant your website is, the higher will your website be ranked. If you are wondering how you can have your website’s online presence optimized, you don’t have to look further. We are a team of New York-based SEO experts with the sole aim to boost your website’s ranking so more people can know about your product or service.

When you contact us, we begin with a FREE initial website audit to determine the areas which need some work. Our major focus is to improve the core SEO aspects of your website, i.e., Content, Keywords, Traffic, and ultimately, ranking.

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Dominating the Search Engine Result Pages is no cakewalk with a multitude of already well-established websites and keywords. Then again, with A Plus Digital, your website is destined to grow because we go the extra mile to find out the most competitive searches and bring in the most promising keywords into your website. Every keyword will put the services and products provided by your company in the limelight, allowing your target audience to reach you.
We give you complete freedom in deciding about your budget and, then, we create a customized New York SEO strategy that is in line with your expectations. The process begins with a free on-page and Off-page audit of your website. Once we know where your website is lagging, our in-house search engine optimization experts implement a strategy that helps you fill all the gaps.

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Manual SEO Site Audits

Our primary objective is to understand what our customers are looking for. Whether you want to bring your marketing campaign to forefront, or want a long-lasting, high-ranking online presence. Once we know about your goal, we conduct a manual site-audit to find out the areas where your website needs work. On page initial site audit is a 10 -15 pages pdf report outlining your websites current on page SEO issues along with fix suggestions.

site visitor analysis

Website Visitor Analysis

We bring more targeted traffic on your website  by following the web footprints of your website’s past visitors. 

cro analysis

Conversion Optimization

No matter how fabulous your marketing campaign is, as far as it is not reaching the right set of audience, it is not fulfilling its purpose. Therefore, we bring together improvements to the key performance indicators and on-site conversion rate optimization by making sure that your website reaches your target audience. The traffic is filtered with the use of relevant and converting keywords 
seo content marketing

Content Marketing

Whether it is published on your site or an external site, content marketing is one of the most important Core element of New York SEO. Whenever you give us a go-ahead with the SEO strategy we propose, we begin with creating informative and trending content for your website, which is either published on your site or our partner websites. Every piece created for you is linked back to your website so that you can see targeted traffic coming in. 

Our Story

A Plus Digital was started in 2013 by Digital marketing experts with years of experience in search engine optimization, web design and development, Pay per click management, social media marketing and reputation management. We create customized digital strategies to fit your businesses goals and of course your budget. Within the last 7 years we worked with national and global companies like Rayacom,Yes Wellness and many others. We know very well that we are only as successful as our clients, and that is exactly what drives us to get you the results.
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I consider my self lucky to have found this company on Big Commerce partners page. i have a Catering website on BigCommerce and I had fallen behind my competitors before hiring A Plus Digital. My rankings went up few months after their initial SEO website audit and fix implementations. I would recommend Abraham and his team at A Plus Digital to anyone in New York area. Great Work Abraham!

Debra Montgomery

Abraham Perez and his team is definitely experts at SEO. They redesigned my real estate website and improved my rankings in Google searches . Visitors now finding my website on Google search and they convert more than visitors coming from ads. Abraham placed my business on the first page for 32 different search keywords!! Do not hesitate to contact them if you are looking for SEO in Manhattan.

Steve Kolowitz

I  would highly recommend Abraham and his team at A Plus Digital who have taken my website from page 4 to 1st page on Google ! .  The results are  impressive! Thank you!

Thomas Stiger

We have used A Plus Digital SEO service for the past 2 years and we are very satisfied with the work they delivered so far. They are honest and their work process is transparent comparing to other New York based SEO agencies.  I would highly recommend their services to anyone .

Mary Rosales
Search Engine Optimization is not something your business can choose to have; it is a must to keep up with the changing digital landscape. At A Plus Digital, we make sure that your business is able to establish itself as an online market leader. Here are the answers to some frequently asked SEO related questions in New York…

What is SEO Service?

Whenever the consumers are looking to buy a product or avail a service, the first thing they will do is look it up online. This is where Search Engine Optimization, or SEO steps in. SEO in New York and across the world focuses on increasing your online visibility by making your website rank higher in search results. The higher you rank, the more likely consumers will be to click your website link. When interested audience will start reaching your website, the conversions will also shoot up.

What is Organic Traffic?

When a user visit your website through google / bing search, the traffic is considered as Organic.  Organic traffic is 100% free. It means you do not have to pay a referral source or an ad network.

How will you rank my website?

Bringing a website from, say, fifth page of the search engine to first might take some work. There are 100s of Google ranking signals that a website is expected to abide by. We can assure you that with the right plan-of-action in place, we will execute your website’s growth in line with these signals.

An SEO in New York promised to rank my website on the top within 2 weeks, for 200$ per month, is that possible?

There are several SEO agencies in New York that try to lure the businesses by promising them a 2-week quick fix. However, your website might end up with a red flag due to these fixes because most of these are unfair tactics penalized by Google. They might end up costing your website a lot more than 200$ per month.

Google algorithms are a complex set, updated daily, which cannot be cracked by digital marketers in one go. Therefore, our SEO experts make sure that our client websites stick to the google webmaster guidelines . Also, if you’ve been red-flagged, you can contact us for google penalty removal.

Where are you based?

We started in Canada then we have expanded our business all across the globe. The ability to work online with local, national, and international clients has been facilitated by the completely digital nature of our work. Today we have clients in cities like New York, Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver BC, Tel Aviv, Phuket and more. 

I have a Business Idea, would like to start asap but don’t know where to start. Do you offer Web and SEO consultancy?

Yes, our team of SEO experts would love to help you establish your business online. With the increasing popularity and viability of websites for every business, it is a great choice to give your idea an online presence first. When you contact us, we will need some details about what you are looking forward to sell / offer and what does your target customer base comprise of. Then we will help you find a relevant, competitive, and SEO friendly domain name, followed by the selection of a platform to host your website. 

What Payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, master Card, and Email Transfers.

Why New York SEO takes quicker on one site and longer on another?

Google algorithm gives your website its due recognition only if it has a high domain authority. And, domain authority is established only when your domain name is old and has a history on the web. Therefore, if you are using an older domain name, it tends to rank higher quicker than a new domain name.

What makes A Plus Digital different than the other New York SEO services companies?

Unlike other New York SEO companies, we do not charge our clients on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. When we devise the SEO strategy for your website, we determine the number of hours that it will take to work on your website every week and you will be charged according to that. Also, everything is planned according to how much your business can afford to invest in its SEO.

Beside that, we prepare Monthly SEO reports for your business which clearly demonstrates how well your website’s ranking and authority has improved in the past month.

Why is SEO an Ongoing work?

SEO is a stronger game online than you think. Even if you are working hard for bringing your website’s SEO ranking on top today, your competitor might work harder tomorrow and beat you. This is because Google algorithms assess website rankings on a daily basis. So, your position is only secure unless a better website enters the market and takes over. 

At A Plus Digital, we make sure that we devise consistent strategies for you, which can be worked on regularly to keep your website ranking high. In this way, your investment on SEO will not get wasted and your position will remain persistent.

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