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How to reach more clients if you are not an SEO expert in Calgary?

Do you know your target audience? Can you  close deals if more people can easily find your business online? If your answer is yes, all you need is to show up on the top of search results when people search for your products or services online.

The process of optimizing your website and making it more search engine friendly is called SEO. It stands for search engine optimization. Here at A Plus Digital, we drive customers to your website by using customized industry proven SEO techniques.

If you are looking for 1st page results and increase your business’ online presence we are here to help! Whether you are a business  servicing local clientele in Calgary, or an e commerce business using professional platforms like Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento etc .. and servicing customers across the globe we have customized digital marketing solutions that can help boost your revenue. 

Running a business is a time consuming process, you need a professional SEO agency in Calgary to manage your marketing campaigns at reasonable prices rather than hiring a junior in house SEO who can only deliver limited results. Contact us today for a free SEO consultation. 

Case Studies

Fragrance 365

Fragrance 365 needed SEO and Website Development package to launch their website and increase their online presence. We have built an e-commerce site on Shopify and helped them with inventory real time synchronization.


Halo Health Care

SEO AND Web development package to launch their website and increase their online presence.


Why Your Business Needs SEO in Calgary  

 Investing in your online presence is a huge benefit for your business in the long run. Whether looking for a product or service, people in Calgary are using  local search engines especially google to find everything they are looking for and they have high buyer intent. High intent signifies a strong intent on the searcher’s end to finalize their search with a transaction. They search for a product or service they urgently need and if your website shows on the top, they turn into buying customers! For example when you work with a Calgary SEO company your business show up on the top of search results for keywords such as: 

  • Best Moving company calgary
  • Best lawyer calgary
  • Best dentist calgary
  • Cannabis dispensary calgary
  • Painters calgary
  • Roofing company calgary
  • Demolition company calgary
  • Contractor calgary
  • Construction company calgary
  • Stucco company calgary
  • Countertop removal calgary
  • Furniture delivery calgary
  • Interior designer calgary
  • Junk removal calgary
  • Furniture store calgary
  • Restaurants near me
  • Realtor calgary
  • Concrete repair calgary
  • Flooring company calgary

Targeted money maker keywords like the examples given above are very strong  because people searching for these types of keywords  will most likely convert. SEO is a long term investment that needs informative content, high quality links from external sources and low bounce rates when the users land on your website. Our SEO pros use wide range of SEO tools such as ahref, sem rush and many other to make sure your website stands on the top of search results and generates qualified leads.

Increasing Online Presence

Google is constantly updating its algorithm to pull up most relevant results. In order to adapt to new algorithm factors, we use a content driven approach to make sure your website’s marketing strategy delivers good results. By making ON Site and Off Site SEO changes, we turn your website into a search engine friendly revenue generator. Keep in mind that SEO Strategy used for a local business is different from a strategy used for an e commerce retailer. Local search results are pulling the data from google search engine databases by prioritizing different algorithm factors such as phone number, name, address consistency, local reviews, local citations and many others. Have you ever noticed that you get different search results for the same keyword if you run the search from 2 different locations? This is because google  pulls up the most relevant results near the location you are in. 

FAQs: Search Engine Optimization

Definitely not.  Even our team consists of 25 digital web and marketing professionals operating from 14 different countries and We have a solid international client base.
The engineers at Google update the rankings on a daily basis according to the set of algorithms they follow.  Even if your website ranks #1 for few months during the SEO process, when you stop working on the site’s SEO your ranking will fall. This proves that Google likes websites that are updated regularly and if your competitor works regularly on their SEO when you stop, Google is going to rank them higher. Therefore, SEO requires patience and consistent work to bring your website at the top spot and keep it there always. Though SEO is an investment, its results will last you long term.
When websites try to promote themselves through advertisements and referrals, the traffic is considered to be referral or direct. However, by working with the right SEO expert , you can have people finding your website directly on google search. This traffic is considered as Organic . You do not have to pay an ad network, a referral source or whatsoever.
SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of improving your website’s rankings on search engine result pages.
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