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With a thriving network of companies big and small operating throughout this great city,competition has never been higher. This level of competition doesn’t just exist on the streets of Calgary either, as ranking Calgary-based keywords and Google has never been more challenging. This leads to many organizations outsourcing the digital marketing and Calgary SEO campaigns. Oftentimes these agencies simply do not deliver the goods. Fortunately for your Calgary business A Plus Digital aren’t on like other agencies. All campaigns are bespoke from client to client. This is due to taking our time to A: understand your business inside out; B: determine the reasons as to why your site is not ranking as well as it deserves to be online; and C: carefully work to amend the existing issues and lift your site in the search engine results pages.These changes that we will carry out to your site are always unique from business to business, as every business requires different work doing to it. It’s very much like taking a car to a garage to fix a strange noise. This could be anything from a faulty wheel bearing, the rust building up on the brake caliper, or a suspension problem. You may not know where the issue is coming from, but the mechanic will locate the problem, fix the problem,and you’re on your way.

We work very similarly here at Aplus Digital and that we won’t waste your or our time fixing problems that aren’t faulty to begin with. We’ve promised to get to the root of why you’re not ranking your website currently, so that once the work is complete, your business will be on the way more and more success.

SEO site audit

Manual SEO Site Audits

When our customers reach us with their grievances, the first thing we do is to analyze their websites’ ON page and OFF page health. Such a site audit is conducted manually by our in-house team of professionals to recognize the gaps in the website performance. Also, we look into the strategies adopted by your competitors, the marketing campaigns trending in the current market, and which are the keywords that can help you improve your rankings. The 10-15 page website audit is done for free, which other Vancouver SEO providers charge for. 

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site visitor analysis

Website Visitor Analysis

Having the keywords in place is important, but it is also essential that they are relevant, and your website reaches the right set of audience. Therefore, SEO Services provided by us focus on targeting the prospective conversions by studying the behaviour and interests of your traffic. In this way, your traffic becomes more filtered, and you will be able to achieve a higher conversion percentage.

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cro analysis

Conversion Optimization

We combine the on-site conversion rate optimization, and improvements to the key performance indicators, with the most promising keywords to help you convert the majority of your traffic, hassle-free. As your website becomes popular, your conversions will automatically shoot up.  

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seo content marketing

Content Marketing

Gone are the times when sub-standard content would do the job for you. With the strict ranking algorithms used by Google today, we make sure that all the content that goes out on our partner websites is engaging and links back to your site. The platforms where we publish the content have regular monthly visitors and have competent authority in the SEO landscape already.
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Our Story

A Plus Digital was started in 2013 by Digital marketing experts with years of experience in search engine optimization, web design and development, Pay per click management, social media marketing and reputation management. We create customized digital strategies to fit your businesses goals and of course your budget. Within the last 7 years we worked with national and global companies like Rayacom,Yes Wellness and many others. We know very well that we are only as successful as our clients, and that is exactly what drives us to get you the results.
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We have been working with A Plus Digital for about 2 years and they did a great job with our online presence. Albert operates with a focus on the client objectives and is always honest with his answers. Many people claim to be experts at SEO in Vancouver but I’m confident not many can deliver like A Plus Digital.

Rahel B.Manager

The BEST in the business. A+ Digital helped me with my business and provided a SEO, Google AdWords and Website Package. They definitely know what they’re doing!

Jay LauMarketing Manager

I came across A+ Digital on BigCommerce website’s partners page and i am glad i did. Albert has been taking care of our bigcommerce website & SEO for few years now , He is upfront and transparent. We started seeing significant increase on our search engine rankings and monthly revenue. I would recommend A Plus Digital to anyone looking for web / SEO services .

Mandy VaronDirector

They have done SEO work for our e-commerce site on Shopify and we are very satisfied with the work and the results they delivered so far . We had a brand new domain and they were able to rank us on top industry related keywords in Canada within 8 months. Albert and his team are professional and reliable. Thank you.

Moti LewineMarketing Manager

Calgary SEO FAQS

Search Engine Optimization has evolved as the very core of Digital Marketing. And, here, at A Plus Digital, we are excited  to take your business to new heights by helping you excel in your SEO game. Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Calgary SEO Service?

If you’ve done research on how to increase traffic to your website, you’ve probably seen everybody talking about “Improve your SEO” on your site but what does that really mean? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or just how easy it is for Google to find your website. Now there are

several different search engines out there. You have things like Bing and Yahoo,Yandex but majority of searches are done on Google. So that’s usually what we’re talking about when we say search engines and basically, search engines just go out and scour the web to find pages and
index them in their catalog. It’s very similar to when you have a book and at the end of the book you have an index where it tells you where everything was talked about and the location. That’s pretty much Google and their indexing system as well on the web in the cloud.

What is Organic Traffic?

Typically there  about ten organic results on one page and organic listings simply mean that these results aren’t paid at all. They show up on Google because they’ve done a good job of telling Google that this page is about this particular query. Then you have a people also ask area and this simply shows the related searches that people will do on this topic. Now, fewer than ten percent of people will actually
ever click on the next page. If they don’t find what they’re looking for on the first page they’ll simply adjust their search criteria and that’s why Google added in this ‘People Also Asked’ area and here’s the biggest why SEO in Calgary is so important for your website. Top three organic result get over% 70 of all the clicks. This first position usually gets the bulk of the clicks. Between 35% and 40%. The second will get between 15% and 20% and then the third position will get around 10%. So, that’s why it’s so important to make sure that your website is first on Google. But, how does Google even determine what should go on the first page? The biggest factor is relevancy. You want to make sure that your website is exactly what the searcher is looking for when they’re searching Google.

How does the google algorithm work? How are you going to rank our website ?

Now Google uses over factors 200 factors to determine what’s relevant in their algorithms and there’s no way that we’re going to be able to cover all of those but if we can concentrate on a few then we have a fighting chance to get seen in the search results. In addition to relevance you’ll also want to make sure that your site is useful. All that means is that when a user clicks on your site, the information that they’re looking for is easily found. Think about the last time you did a search. If you went to a page that you thought had the answer but you had a hard time finding it on the page, did you stick around? Most people will click back and go look for a different answer. So make sure that your site is also useful and that you’ve arranged the answers

for the topic in a meaningful way that’s easier for readers to find what they’re looking for. So there are two main ways we work on SEO on your website and they’re called on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-Page SEO is simply telling Google and the reader that you have everything that they’re looking for. You have all the indicators that they’re looking for and really, this just means you have all the right keywords on your site. Now,
on-page SEO is easier to deal with because most of the changes needed are within your control. For instance, if your site is
is about Calgary SEO then you want to make sure that your site has the right keywords in the title, in the body, in the image descriptions, it also means you have supporting keywords in it like Calgary SEO expert, Calgary SEO Services,  Calgary SEO Agency  and everything else that is related to that topic. Off-Page SEO, that simply means that you are making sure that other websites are linking back to you. These are called backlinks. Off-Page SEO
is a little bit more out of your control because you’re relying on other people you will need an SEO company with good connections in your industry. Now As we go through this SEO process, You will just realize that search engine optimization does take time and sometimes it can be a little frustrating
when you’re not seeing the results fast. But if done properly, the results from your SEO efforts can last months or even years depending
on the topic and your industry.

How will you rank my website?

Google algorithm is updated almost every day by google engineers so therefore ranking your website its not an easy go and fix task that can be accomplished in a short period of time. We always make sure that the strategy we opt for ranking your business is in line with current google algorithm.  Algorithm has 100+ ranking signals and we ensure that we execute according to these factors.

An SEO in Calgary promised to rank our website in 2 weeks, is that possible?

These are fraudulent SEO companies. We would advise you to stay away from these companies if you do not want your site to be flagged / penalized by Google..

What Payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via Visa, Master Card, and Email transfers

Why SEO takes quicker on one site and longer on another?

Google gives authority to websites depending on your domain history. Thats an important signal of the algorithm.  If your domain name is older than a year and already indexed on google for a while, you can get results quicker than other sites.

Why is Calgary SEO an ongoing work?

Even if you rank on page #1 for few months during the Calgary SEO process, your rankings will eventually fall if you stop working on your site. Keep in mind that your competitors are also working hard to get ahead of you. Therefore, SEO requires patience and consistent efforts.

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